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This programme schedule is tentative and will be regularly updated during the conference.
ORAL: Oral Contribution (typically 14min + 4min Discussion)
POSTER: Poster Contribution (1-2min Teaser ORAL presentation+Poster Session later)
ANY: Change to ORAL proposed to contribution on the ORAL waiting list
R1-R7: Rooms

G00 Plenary

Tue Sep 4th R1 10:00:00

G0001. Mathematics overcame the statistical problems of closure: Has it solved real-world geochemical problems?
Mark A. Engle, Nicholas E. Pingitore
10:00 Tue Sep 4th R1 KEYNOTE
G0002. Multiple-point geostatistics: when do they work, when do they not work
Gregoire Mariethoz*
17:30 Tue Sep 4th R1 KEYNOTE

Wed Sep 5th R1 08:30:00

G0003. Spatial decorrelation methods revisited
Ute Mueller*
08:30 Wed Sep 5th R1 KEYNOTE
G0004. The High-order Stochastic Sequential Simulation Framework: A review with examples
Roussos Dimitrakopoulos*
16:30 Wed Sep 5th R1 KEYNOTE

Thu Sep 6th R1 08:30:00

G0005. Some aspects of geostatistical simulations
Christian Lantuéjoul*
08:30 Thu Sep 6th R1 KEYNOTE

Fri Sep 7th R1 08:30:00

G0006. Geological objects and physical parameter fields in the subsurface: a review
Guillaume Caumon*
08:30 Fri Sep 7th R1 KEYNOTE

G01 3D/4D Geomodeling

Helmut Schaeben (TU Bergakademie Freiberg)

Tue Sep 4th R3 14:00:00

G0101. 3D geological model meshing method based on corner-point grid and First-sedimentary-Last-structure approach
Xuechao Wu*, Gang Liu, Qiyu Chen, Yang Li
14:00 Tue Sep 4th R3 ORAL
G0102. 3D modelling and visualization of the resources warehouse of mineral rock specimens
Chen Zhijun*
14:20 Tue Sep 4th R3 ORAL
G0103. A graph-based approach to simplify subsurface structural models and assess the impact on physical modeling
Pierre Anquez*, Guillaume Caumon, Jeanne Pellerin
14:40 Tue Sep 4th R3 ORAL
G0104. Automatic strata comparison method of urban geological section for 3D modelling based on knowledge graph
Gang Liu*, Qiyu Chen, Fonan Zhong, Jiyin Zhang, Xuechao Wu
15:00 Tue Sep 4th R3 ORAL
G0105. Geophysical forward modelling with GECCO tools for heterogeneous lithological associations – the closed Mullikkoräme massive volcanic zinc sulphide mine in Finland as a case study
Eevaliisa Laine, Johan Ersfolk, Ilkka Suppala, Marit Wennerström, Jan Westerholm
15:20 Tue Sep 4th R3 ORAL
G0106. Geostatistical Facies Modelling of Cyclicity, Rhythmicity and Diagenesis in Sedimentary Sequences
Thomas Le Blevec*, Olivier Dubrule, Cédric M. John, Gary J. Hampson
15:40 Tue Sep 4th R3 ORAL
G0107. Multi-Physics Joint Inversion - a Flexible Expert-distributed Approach
Peter L. Smilde*, Christina Mueller, Markus H. Krieger, Soegun Petersen
16:30 Tue Sep 4th R3 ORAL
G0108. Plurigaussian Simulation of Geological Domains in the Presence of Spatial Trends
Nasser Madani*, Xavier Emery
16:50 Tue Sep 4th R3 ORAL
G0109. Resources Modelling of Alluvial Tin Deposit in Former Artisanal Mines Area using Geophysical and Geostatistical Methods
Mohamad Nur Heriawan*, Guntan Viliarso Seran, Olga Padmasari Anggraini, Wahyudi Widyatmoko Parnadi
17:10 Tue Sep 4th R3 ORAL

G02 Compositional Data Analysis

Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn (University of Girona), Juan José Egozcue (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain.)

Thu Sep 6th R1 10:00:00

G0201. 3D soil texture mapping with L1-regularized multinomial logistic regression
Milutin Pejović*, Mladen Nikolić, Branislav Bajat
10:00 Thu Sep 6th R1 ORAL
G0202. Block cokriging and the flow anamorphosis
Raimon Tolosana-Delgado, K. Gerald van den Boogaart, Ute Mueller
10:20 Thu Sep 6th R1 ORAL
G0203. Decoupling processes from soil geochemistry: Mapping surficial/bedrock geochemical signatures in Northern Ireland
Eric Grunsky*, Jennifer McKinley, Ute Mueller
10:40 Thu Sep 6th R1 ORAL
G0204. Exploration targeting by multivariate compositional extrema
K. Gerald van den Boogaart*, Raimon Tolosana-Delgado, Jennifer McKinley
11:00 Thu Sep 6th R1 ORAL
G0205. How can we use compositional data for determining threshold values for environmental health assessment?
Jennifer McKinley*
11:20 Thu Sep 6th R1 ORAL

G03 Data Assimilation and Data Integration

Raimon Tolosana-Delgado (Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology)

Wed Sep 5th R4 14:00:00

G0301. An Improved Method For Fracture Modeling Based On Principle Component Analysis And PR Model
Shuang Sun*, Jiagen Hou, Yuming Liu, Suihong Song
14:00 Wed Sep 5th R4 ORAL
G0302. Data normalization approach in geological favorability about shale oil exploration for Shahejie Formation in the Liaohe Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China
Jingdu Yu, Man Zheng, Qiulin Guo
14:20 Wed Sep 5th R4 ORAL
G0303. Data-driven fusion of multi-resolution digital elevation models and remote sensing imagery
Luiz Gustavo Rasera*, Gregoire Mariethoz, Stuart N. Lane
14:40 Wed Sep 5th R4 ORAL
G0304. Distributional Data Assimilation for Resource Model Updating
Angel Prior Arce*, Raimon Tolosana-Delgado, K. Gerald van den Boogaart, Joerg Benndorf, Alessandra Menafoglio
15:00 Wed Sep 5th R4 ORAL
G0305. Importance of Initial Ensemble Design for Reliable History Matching -- Comparison of Ensemble-based Methods Applied to the 3D Egg Model
Byeongcheol Kang*, Junyi Kim, Kyungbook Lee, Hoonyoung Jeong, Jonggeun Choe
15:20 Wed Sep 5th R4 ORAL
G0306. Localization of Sulfide Mineralization using 2D Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Enhanced Local Wave number techniques over Bouguer Gravity anomaly
Ashok Kumar Gupta*, Roshan k Singh, Shalivahan Srivastava, Shovana Mondal
15:40 Wed Sep 5th R4 ORAL

G04 Fractal and Multi-Fractal Modelling, Singularity Analysis

Frits Agterberg (Geological Survey of Canada)

Fri Sep 7th R2 10:00:00

G0401. Fractal density and local singularity analysis - now linear mathematical geosciences theory and method for Modeling Extreme Geo-Events
Qiuming Cheng
10:00 Fri Sep 7th R2 ORAL
G0402. Geochemical anomaly uncertainty assessment based on stochastic simulation and local singularity analysis
Yue Liu*, Kefa Zhou
10:20 Fri Sep 7th R2 ORAL
G0403. Lithogeochemical anomaly prospectivity mapping of HREEs using multi-fractal modeling in Saghand Area, Central Iran
Masoumeh Khalajmasoumi*, Behnam Sadeghi
10:40 Fri Sep 7th R2 ORAL
G0404. Multi-fractal modeling: a significantly useful method to recognize geochemical anomalies in large-scale sampling networks
Fabrizzio Sánchez*, Behnam Sadeghi
11:00 Fri Sep 7th R2 ORAL
G0405. Multifractal Studies Using Magnitude Cumulant Analysis of Wavelet Transform: Application to Ionospheric Total Electron Content Data
Shivam Bhardwaj*, Enamundram Chandrasekhar, Vikram M. Gadre
11:20 Fri Sep 7th R2 ORAL

G05 Functional Data Analysis

Alessandra Menafoglio (Politecnico di Milano)

Fri Sep 7th R3 10:40:00

G0501. A novel inferential framework for the analysis of spatio-temporal geochemical data
Veronika Římalová*, Alessandra Menafoglio, Alessia Pini, Eva Fišerová
10:40 Fri Sep 7th R3 ORAL
G0502. Graph-based Spatio-temporal Clustering Using Stochastic Tree Partitioning in a Functional Data Framework
Orhun Aydin, Mark Janikas*, Kevin Butler
11:00 Fri Sep 7th R3 ORAL
G0503. Underground Mining to Processing Copper Ore Tracking Solution in DISIRE Project
Leszek Jurdziak, Witold Kawalec*, Robert Król
11:20 Fri Sep 7th R3 ORAL

G06 Geoinformatics

Mana Rahimi

Thu Sep 6th R2 15:00:00

G0601. A GIS-based approach to identify optimum locations of wind power plants using a multi-criteria model applied to Afghanistan
Abdul Saboor Hamza*, Jan C. Bongaerts, Helmut Schaeben
15:00 Thu Sep 6th R2 ORAL
G0602. Hot spot analysis of environmental variables in the big data era
Chaosheng Zhang*
15:20 Thu Sep 6th R2 ORAL
G0603. Towards a web-based information system for multi-physics detector data
Florian Bachmann, Mario Hopfner*, Heinrich Jasper, Helmut Schaeben, Björn Wieczoreck
15:40 Thu Sep 6th R2 ORAL

G07 Geostatistics

Peter Dowd, Ute Mueller (School of Science, Edith Cowan University Jonndalup, WA, Australia)

Wed Sep 5th R3 10:00:00

G0701. A Pareto Approach to the Construction of an Optimal Space-filling Design
Christien Thiart*, Kago Kebotsamang, Linda Haines
10:00 Wed Sep 5th R3 ORAL
G0702. Anisotropic Kernel Function based Geographically Weighted Regression for Mineral Exploration
Jie Zhao*, Wenlei Wang
10:20 Wed Sep 5th R3 ORAL
G0703. Building a continue spatial variation grid from an isovalue map
Jean-Michel Metivier*
10:40 Wed Sep 5th R3 ORAL
G0704. Geostatistics for Geometallurgical Property Prediction
K. Gerald van den Boogaart, Peter Menzel*, Kai Bachmann, Nataliia Krupko, Angel Prior, Raimon Tolosana-Delgado, Jens Gutzmer
11:00 Wed Sep 5th R3 ORAL
G0705. High-Order, Data-Driven Categorical Simulation and Applications to Mineral Deposits
Ilnur Minniakhmetov, Roussos Dimitrakopoulos*
11:20 Wed Sep 5th R3 ORAL
G0706. Three-dimensional stochastic modeling framework for Quaternary sedimentary structures using multiple-point statistics
Qiyu Chen*, Gang Liu, Gregoire Mariethoz, Xiaogang Ma
11:40 Wed Sep 5th R3 ORAL
G0708. Probabilistic assessment of in-place coal tonnage for public disclosure of mineral resources
Ricardo A. Olea, Jon E. Haacke, Brian N. Shaffer, James A. Luppens
14:00 Wed Sep 5th R3 ORAL
G0709. Quantile Sampling: a new approach for multiple-point statistics simulation
Mathieu Gravey*, Gregoire Mariethoz
14:20 Wed Sep 5th R3 ORAL
G0710. Simulation of the ore boundaries of a lateritic bauxite deposit using multiple-point statistics
Yasin Dagasan*, Philippe Renard, Julien Straubhaar, Oktay Erten, Erkan Topal
14:40 Wed Sep 5th R3 ORAL
G0711. Spatial estimation of daily rainfall over a number of years with small data sets
Peter Dowd*, Eulogio Pardo-Igúzquiza
15:00 Wed Sep 5th R3 ORAL
T0802. Parametric Assessment of the Quality of Estimation
Marek Ogryzek*, Ryszard Źróbek, Mateusz Ciski
15:20 Wed Sep 5th R3 ORAL
Updated from: 02:20 PM Thu Sep 6th R4 ORAL

Fri Sep 7th R3 10:00:00

G0713. Virtual mineral processing simulation in software MLALookUP
Nataliia Krupko*, Marius Kern, K. Gerald van den Boogaart
10:00 Fri Sep 7th R3 ORAL
G0712. Kriging for tensor data through Object Oriented Spatial Statistics
Alessandra Menafoglio*, Davide Pigoli, Piercesare Secchi
10:20 Fri Sep 7th R3 ORAL
Updated from: 03:20 PM Wed Sep 5th R3 ORAL
G0714. Wall scale analysis of weathering feature distribution across sandstone facades
Brian Johnston*, Jennifer McKinley, Patricia Warke
Cancelled: 10:20 Fri Sep 7th R3 ORAL

G08 Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining, Big Data

Katherine L Silversides (The University of Sydney, Australian Centre for Field Robotics)

Tue Sep 4th R1 11:00:00

G0801. Prospectivity modeling incorporating spatial dependencies through convolutional neural networks
Samuel Kost*, Georg Semmler
11:00 Tue Sep 4th R1 ORAL
G0802. Can boosting boost exploration targeting?
Melanie Brandmeier*, Irving Cabrera, Vesa Nykänen, Maarit Middleton
11:20 Tue Sep 4th R1 ORAL
G0803. Fusing traditional and contemporary modelling approach in multi-scale mineral potential studies
Soile Aatos*, Eevaliisa Laine, Mikko Kolehmainen
11:40 Tue Sep 4th R1 ORAL
G0804. A non-destructive measuring method for rock strength via hammering sound
Shuai Han*, Heng Li, Mingchao Li, Qiubing Ren
14:00 Tue Sep 4th R1 ORAL
G0805. Reconstruction of vugular carbonate rocks by pore network modeling and image-based network technique
Saeid Sadeghnejad*, Jeff Gostick
14:20 Tue Sep 4th R1 ORAL
G0806. Comparing linear regression and Gaussian Processes approaches to approximate mineral group densities in an iron ore deposit
Mehala Balamurali, Katherine L Silversides, Arman Melkumyan*
14:40 Tue Sep 4th R1 ORAL
G0807. Distributed Indexing Technique for Timelines
He Zhenwen*, Xiaogang Ma
15:00 Tue Sep 4th R1 ORAL
G0808. Enhancement of unconventional oil and gas production forecasting using mechanistic-statistical modeling
Justin B. Montgomery*, Francis M. O'Sullivan
15:20 Tue Sep 4th R1 ORAL
G0809. Fast and robust probabilistic classification method for fracture identification in BIG seismic datasets
Egbadon Udegbe, Eugene C Morgan, Sanjay Srinivasan*
15:40 Tue Sep 4th R1 ORAL
P0217. Study on data chains, big data minig and super-computer platform-based intelligent monitoring, simulation, control and early warning of urban soil pollution
Yongzhang Zhou*, Xiaotong Yu, Fan Xiao
16:00 Tue Sep 4th R1 POSTER

Fri Sep 7th R1 10:00:00

G0811. Classification for Small and Unbalanced Hyperspectral Image Based on Generative Adversarial Networks
Kang Wu, Zhaoying Yang, Wang Yao*, Jin Qin, Ying Zhan, Ying Cao, Yuntao Wang, Xianchuan Yu
10:00 Fri Sep 7th R1 ORAL
G0812. Improved Well Placement Optimization Procedure Using Geomechanical Constraints and Machine Learning
Gaetan Bardy*, Jeffrey Yarus, Shohreh Amini, Harold Walters, Steven Drinovsky
10:20 Fri Sep 7th R1 ORAL
G0813. Automatic fission track recognition and measurement in 3D
Alexandre Fioravante de Siqueira*, Sandro Guedes
10:40 Fri Sep 7th R1 ORAL
G0814. Characterising Measure While Drilling data responses to changes in rock hardness
Katherine L Silversides*, Arman Melkumyan
11:00 Fri Sep 7th R1 ORAL
G0815. Study of Risk assessment to Linear Engineering Structures due to Thermokarst Processes on the basis of remote sensing and mathematical modeling
Veronika Kapralova*
11:20 Fri Sep 7th R1 ORAL

G09 Numerical Modelling and Numerical Simulation

Ivan Kennedy (Sydney Institute of Agriculture, University of Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Thu Sep 6th R3 10:00:00

G0901. An application of the restart Ensemble Kalman filter for the identification of contaminant source in a sandbox experiment with uncertainties
Zi Chen*, J. Jaime Gómez-Hernández, Teng Xu, Andrea Zanini, Fausto Cupola
10:00 Thu Sep 6th R3 ORAL
G0902. Generating variable shapes of salt geobodies from seismic images
Nicolas Clausolles*, Pauline Collon, Guillaume Caumon
10:20 Thu Sep 6th R3 ORAL
G0903. Geostatistical Reservoir Characterization to Predict Best Litho-fluids discriminators for Lumshiwal Sandstone: A Rock Physics Based Study
Nisar Ahmed*, Mubasher Ahmad, Perveiz Khalid
10:40 Thu Sep 6th R3 ORAL
G0904. Mathematical model of erosion and deposition in deformable porous media
Eduard Khramchenkov*, Maxim Khramchenkov, Denis Demidov
11:00 Thu Sep 6th R3 ORAL
G0905. Natural Gas Demand under Multi-Factor Orthogonal Decomposition Method
Wei Yan*, Yuwen Chang
11:20 Thu Sep 6th R3 ORAL
G0906. Numerical approach for faster and precise pressure and overpressure analysis in petroleum system modeling
Renaud Traby*, Mathieu Ducros, Isabelle Faille, Françoise Willien
11:40 Thu Sep 6th R3 ORAL
G0907. Physical simulations on geological models using unstructured grids
Margaux Raguenel*, François Bonneau, Antoine Mazuyer, Thomas Driesner
14:00 Thu Sep 6th R3 ORAL
G0908. Proxy model for hydraulic fracture propagation and seismic wave propagation processes in a fractured reservoir
Manik Singh*, Sanjay Srinivasan
14:20 Thu Sep 6th R3 ORAL
G0909. Regional gravity field improvement and its application to geophysical modelling in Antarctica
Theresa Schaller*, Mirko Scheinert, Roland Pail, Petro Abrykosov, Philipp Zingerle
14:40 Thu Sep 6th R3 ORAL
G0910. Reservoir Characterization of Cretaceous Sand to Predict the Pore Fluid heterogeneities by Applying AVO Attributes: A Case Study from Indus Basin, Pakistan
Mubasher Ahmad*, Nisar Ahmed, Perveiz Khalid
15:00 Thu Sep 6th R3 ORAL
G0911. Testing the hypothesis that variations in atmospheric water vapour are the main cause of fluctuations in global temperatures
Ivan Kennedy, Migdat Hodzic
15:20 Thu Sep 6th R3 ORAL

G10 Spatial Statistics

K. Gerald van den Boogaart

Tue Sep 4th R4 11:00:00

G1001. A regression model for crystallographic orientations subject to phase transformation
Richard Arnold, Florian Bachmann, Peter E. Jupp, Helmut Schaeben*
11:00 Tue Sep 4th R4 ORAL
G1002. Geochemical Element Combination Anomalies Extraction Based On Spatial Neighborhood Local Correlation Coefficients
Zhaoying Yang, Kang Wu, Jin Qin, Wang Yao, Ying Zhan, Xianchuan Yu
11:20 Tue Sep 4th R4 ORAL
G1003. Limitations of spectral analysis of sedimentary proxy records, tested on simulated time series with timescale error and variable temporal resolution
István Gábor Hatvani*, Péter Tanos, Zoltán Kern
14:00 Tue Sep 4th R4 ORAL
G1004. Linear compositional trend for the frequency of ocean wave events. A Bayesian approach.
Maribel Ortego*, Jesus Corral-López, Juan José Egozcue, Jan Graffelman
14:20 Tue Sep 4th R4 ORAL
G1005. Manage of High Pressure Salt Water Invasion Between Salt Layers with High Density OBM in Deep Well
Jianhua Wang*, Wei Zhang, Haijun Yan, Xianguang Xu, Man Zheng
14:40 Tue Sep 4th R4 ORAL
G1006. Modelling undiscovered oil resources: A stochastic geometry approach
Erik Anderson*
15:00 Tue Sep 4th R4 ORAL
G1007. Universal law for waiting internal time in seismicity and its implication to complex network of earthquakes
Norikazu Suzuki*
15:20 Tue Sep 4th R4 ORAL
G1008. ‎Bayesian Prediction of Spatial Data with Non-Ignorable Missingness ‎U‎sing INLA and SPDE
Mohsen Mohammadzadeh*, Samira Zahmatkesh
15:40 Tue Sep 4th R4 ORAL

P01 Poster Session A

Tue Sep 4th R0 12:30:00

P0119. “8C” criteria of data sources for data mining in petroleum industry informatization
Li Dawei*
12:30 Tue Sep 4th R0 POSTER
P0106. Denoise for Soil Geochemical Data Based on Sparse Representation
Wei Youhua*, Lin Wu, Xiangquan Zhou, Huan Liu
12:30 Tue Sep 4th R0 POSTER
P0107. Geological modeling of porous carbonate reservoir based on seismic and rock type
Mingchuan Wang*, Taizhong Duan
12:30 Tue Sep 4th R0 POSTER
P0113. The Application of Invasion Depth Model of Drilling Fluid Particles and Filtrate
Jianhua Wang*, Wei Zhang, Man Zheng
12:30 Tue Sep 4th R0 POSTER
P0110. Impact of the compositional nature of data on reserve evaluation in a coal deposit, Iran
Hossein Molayemat*, Farhad Mohammad Torab, Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn, Amin Hossein Morshedy, Juan José Egozcue
12:30 Tue Sep 4th R0 POSTER
P0114. The Transportation Study of Ore-sourced Elements in the Cover Layer with respect to Particle Grades by Varying Coefficient Models
Deyi Xu*, Qiuming Cheng, Shuyun Xie
12:30 Tue Sep 4th R0 POSTER
P0108. Heaps of Information – Exploratory Data Analysis of Geophysical and Borehole Data for the Investigation of Tailings at an Abandoned Mining Site using “R” and a 3D-Geodatabase.
Heinz Reitner*, Christian Benold, Adrian Flores-Orozco, Jakob Gallistl, Alexander Römer, Albert Schedl
12:30 Tue Sep 4th R0 POSTER
P0115. The influence of image resolution on pore-scale modelling results: a comparison of super-resolution technique and experimental dataset
Marina V. Karsanina*, Kirill Gerke, Rail I. Kadyrov, Siarhei Khirevich, Timofey O. Sizonenko
12:30 Tue Sep 4th R0 POSTER
P0102. A novel approach for characterizing the spatial heterogeneity of coastal morphology - case study at southern Baltic Sea
Junjie Deng, Jiaxue Wu, Wenyan Zhang, Joanna Dudzinska-Nowak, Jan Harff
12:30 Tue Sep 4th R0 POSTER
P0105. Application of Geostatistical Techniques for the Determining of Anomalous Zones of Copper Ore Deposit
Barbara Namysłowska-Wilczyńska*
12:30 Tue Sep 4th R0 POSTER
P0103. A point exchange non-dominated sorting algorithm for Pareto optimal space-filling designs
Kago Kebotsamang*
12:30 Tue Sep 4th R0 POSTER
P0116. Trapped gas bubbles in sand: Determining their effect on hydraulic conductivity and CT imaging
Tomas Princ*, Helena MR Fideles, Johannes Koestel, Michal Snehota
12:30 Tue Sep 4th R0 POSTER
P0118. Using Sedsim to predict continental-scale coastal response to climate change
Cedric Griffiths*
12:30 Tue Sep 4th R0 POSTER
P0117. Uncertainty in geomodels - a work-package within the GeoERA Project
Bjoern Zehner*
12:30 Tue Sep 4th R0 POSTER
P0112. Partial Grade method to improve estimation of multi-unit deposits with soft boundaries: application to an iron mine deposit
Sara Kasmaeeyazdi*, Giuseppe Raspa, Chantal de Fouquet, Stefano Bonduà, Francesco Tinti, Roberto Bruno
12:30 Tue Sep 4th R0 POSTER
P0109. Identification of the key domains in LGOM copper deposit
Krzysztof Holodnik*, Wojciech Kaczmarek
12:30 Tue Sep 4th R0 POSTER
P0104. Agent based system for the rangeland management "application in Djelfa province Algeria"
Zerguine Abderrahman*, Belhadj Aissa Mostefa
12:30 Tue Sep 4th R0 POSTER

P02 Poster Session B

Wed Sep 5th R0 12:30:00

P0210. Modeling and simulation of geochemical reactions dring acid pre-flush to improve conformance control of pH-sensitive polymer flooding
Hossein Younesian-Farid, Saeid Sadeghnejad*
12:30 Wed Sep 5th R0 POSTER
P0221. BIM-Based Method for Site Investigation in Geotechnical Projects
Junqiang Zhang*
12:30 Wed Sep 5th R0 POSTER
P0213. 3D pathway modeling and hydrocarbon migration and accumulation modeling
Qiulin Guo*, Man Zheng, Jingdu Yu, Wei Yan, Shiyun Mi
12:30 Wed Sep 5th R0 POSTER
P0209. Improved anisotropic singularity index mapping method in support of mineral exploration
Wenlei Wang*, Qiuming Cheng, Shengyuan Zhang, Jie Zhao
12:30 Wed Sep 5th R0 POSTER
P0201. Kohonen neural network and factor analysis applied to identify and extract Ag-Au mineralization
Xiaotong Yu*, Fan Xiao, Yongzhang Zhou
12:30 Wed Sep 5th R0 POSTER
P0202. Petrophysical Analysis Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) for a Fractured Granite Basement Reservoir in Cuu Long Basin, Vietnam
Huy Giao Pham*, Nakaret Kano, Kushan Sandunil
12:30 Wed Sep 5th R0 POSTER
P0212. On the size-distribution of karst depressions: lognormal or power models?
Eulogio Pardo-Igúzquiza, Telbisz Tamás, Peter Dowd*
12:30 Wed Sep 5th R0 POSTER
P0207. Multidomain clustering as a key assistant for history matching
Nikita Bukhanov*, Gleb Shishaev, Vasily Demyanov, Boris Belozerov
12:30 Wed Sep 5th R0 POSTER
P0203. Short and long term regional and global climate modeling using multi scale Kalman Filtering
Migdat Hodzic*, Ivan Kennedy
12:30 Wed Sep 5th R0 POSTER
P0216. Stochastic upscaling of hydrodynamic dispersion and retardation factor based on laboratory experiments
Vanessa Godoy, Lázaro Zuquette, J. Jaime Gómez-Hernández
12:30 Wed Sep 5th R0 POSTER
P0204. MPS-based Geological Pattern Reconstruction with 2D Cross-sections
Hou Weisheng*, Tiancheng Zheng, Hengguang Liu
12:30 Wed Sep 5th R0 POSTER
P0214. A spatial causality method to identify the landslide-induced natural hazard cascades
Anne-Laure Argentin*, Günther Prasicek, Jörg Robl, Daniel Hölbling, Barbara Friedl
12:30 Wed Sep 5th R0 POSTER
P0219. Using visible near-infrared spectroscopy and imaging to estimate heavy metals in black soils of northeast China
Lu Wang*, Maozhi Wang, Bingli Liu
12:30 Wed Sep 5th R0 POSTER
P0208. Forward stratigraphic modeling of subduction-wedge trench-slope basins: Example from the active Hikurangi margin, New Zealand.
Barbara Claussmann*, Julien Bailleul, Frank Chanier, Geoffroy Mahieux, Adam McArthur, Sergio Courtade, Per Salomonsen, Bruno Vendeville, Daniel Tetzlaff
12:30 Wed Sep 5th R0 POSTER
P0220. DISIRE Experiments of Ore Tracking in the KGHM Underground Copper Ore Mine
Piotr Bardzinski, Leszek Jurdziak, Witold Kawalec*, Robert Król
12:30 Wed Sep 5th R0 POSTER
P0215. Copper ore quality tracking in belt conveyor system using simulation tools
Piotr Bardzinski, Leszek Jurdziak*, Witold Kawalec, Robert Król
12:30 Wed Sep 5th R0 POSTER
P0218. The relationship between the pacific subduction and fractal dimension of granitoids in Late Mesozoic, Great Xing’an Range, Northeast China
Pingping Zhu*, Qiuming Cheng
12:30 Wed Sep 5th R0 POSTER
P0211. Numerical Simulation of Metallogenic Process in Zhuxi Giant Tungsten Deposit
Qinglin Xia*, Tongfei Li, Guanghui Chen
12:30 Wed Sep 5th R0 POSTER
P0206. Remote Sensing Model Construction of Degree of Rock Weathering in the Nujiang Fault Zone
Zhifang Zhao*, Shucheng Tan, Qi Chen, Lin Luo, Jing Xi, Runhuai Hong, Haiying Yang, Binxian He
12:30 Wed Sep 5th R0 POSTER

T01 Compositional Data Analysis for Geochemical Data

Jennifer McKinley, Raimon Tolosana-Delgado (Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology)

Thu Sep 6th R1 11:40:00

T0101. Replacement of values above an upper detection limit in compositions
Dominika Miksova*, Peter Filzmoser, Maarit Middleton
11:40 Thu Sep 6th R1 ORAL
T0102. Estimation of regionalised compositions with recovery of original units
Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn*, J.A. Martín-Fernández, Juan José Egozcue, Ricardo A. Olea
12:00 Thu Sep 6th R1 ORAL
T0104. Geochemistry of surface waters of the Tiber River basin: Compositional Data Analysis approach
Caterina Gozzi, Peter Filzmoser, Orlando Vaselli, Antonella Buccianti
14:00 Thu Sep 6th R1 ORAL
T0105. Mapping gold pathfinder metal ratios in Northern Nevada, USA - A compositional analysis approach
Luis Braga*, Jean B.B. Reis
14:20 Thu Sep 6th R1 ORAL
T0106. Model Construction of Three-dimensional Multi-Fractal Singularity Analysis and Application in Deep Mineral Exploration
BingLi Liu*, Ke Guo
Cancelled: 14:40 Thu Sep 6th R1 ORAL
T0103. Incorporating analytical errors in log-ratio based compositional discriminant analysis
Solveig Pospiech*, Raimon Tolosana-Delgado
14:40 Thu Sep 6th R1 ORAL
Updated from: 12:20 PM Thu Sep 6th R1 ORAL
T0107. New insights on the self-organizing maps for compositional data: analysis of coal combustion products with an application to a Wyoming power plant
Josep A. Martín-Fernández*, Mark A. Engle, Leslie F. Ruppert, Ricardo A. Olea
15:00 Thu Sep 6th R1 ORAL
T0108. A CoDa approach to element chemostratigraphy of the Devonian/Carboniferous boundary
Karel Hron*, Kamila Fačevicová, Ondřej Bábek, Tomáš Kumpan
15:20 Thu Sep 6th R1 ORAL
T0109. Multielement geochemical modelling for pollution in the floodplains – quantifying the spatial relationship
Jan Skála*
15:40 Thu Sep 6th R1 ORAL

T02 Machine Learning for Geoscience Modelling

Vasily Demyanov (Heriot Watt University), Mikhail Kanevski (IDYST, University of Lausanne, Switzerland)

Wed Sep 5th R1 10:00:00

T0201. Clustering of environmental data using local fractality concept and machine learning
Mikhail Kanevski, Mohamed Laib, Fabian Guignard
10:00 Wed Sep 5th R1 ORAL
T0202. Domaining with Decision Trees and Geostatistical Simulation
Gunes Ertunc*, A. Erhan Tercan
10:20 Wed Sep 5th R1 ORAL
T0203. Integration of geologically interpretative features into machine learning facies classification
Julie Halotel*, Vasily Demyanov
10:40 Wed Sep 5th R1 ORAL
T0204. Automated lithofacies classification of the Jurassic sequence using machine learning on a large structured well database
Harald W. Bøe*, Kristian B. Brandsegg, Kenneth Duffaut, Alenka Crne
11:00 Wed Sep 5th R1 ORAL
T0205. Neural network classification to improve geological and engineering understanding for more reliable reservoir prediction
Elena Kharyba*, Vasily Demyanov, Andrey Antropov, Luka Malencic, Leonid Stulov
11:20 Wed Sep 5th R1 ORAL
T0206. Methodology of fast well log interpretation based on deep Learning models
Alexander A. Reshytko*, Maria Golitsyna, Dmitry Egorov, Nikita Bukhanov, Artyom Semenikhin, Oksana Osmonalieva, Boris Belozerov
11:40 Wed Sep 5th R1 ORAL
T0207. Stochastic Simulation with Generative Adversarial Networks
Lukas Mosser*, Olivier Dubrule, Martin J. Blunt
14:00 Wed Sep 5th R1 ORAL
T0208. Probabilistic inversion using forward models based on Machine Learning
Thomas Mejer Hansen*, Knud Skou Cordua, Tue-Holm Jensen
14:20 Wed Sep 5th R1 ORAL
T0209. Influence of input data quantity on accuracy of reservoir properties prediction with machine learning algorithms
Dmitry V. Egorov, Nikita V. Bukhanov*, Boris Belozerov
14:40 Wed Sep 5th R1 ORAL
T0210. Efficient uncertainty quantification of reservoir productions by stacked autoencoder-based clustering
Kyungbook Lee*, Taehun Lee, Jaejun Kim, Byeongcheol Kang, Changhyup Park, Hyundon Shin, Jonggeun Choe
15:00 Wed Sep 5th R1 ORAL
T0211. GemPy: Towards high dimensionality problems in structural geological modeling as Bayesian inference
Miguel de la Varga*, Florian Wellmann
15:20 Wed Sep 5th R1 ORAL

T03 Predictive Modelling of Resources and Hazards: Reliability and Uncertainty

Andrea G. Fabbri (University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy), Emmanuel John Carranza (University of KwaZulu-Natal)

Thu Sep 6th R2 10:00:00

T0301. Mineral occurrence target mapping: a general iterative strategy in prediction modelling for mineral exploration
Andrea G. Fabbri*, Chang-Jo Chung
10:00 Thu Sep 6th R2 ORAL
T0302. Prospectivity mapping for porphyry copper-molybdenum mineralization in the Gobi desert covered area, Eastern Tianshan, China
Fan Xiao*
10:20 Thu Sep 6th R2 ORAL
T0303. Integration of 3D geostatistical models of lithology, physical properties and element concentrations for metal deposit imaging in a seafloor hydrothermal vent area
Vitor Ribeiro de Sá
10:40 Thu Sep 6th R2 ORAL
T0304. Multifractal modeling of worldwide metal size-frequency distributions
Frits Agterberg*
11:00 Thu Sep 6th R2 ORAL
T0305. Quantifying Uncertainty on 3D Geological Surfaces Using Level Sets with Stochastic Motion
Liang Yang*, Jef Caers
11:20 Thu Sep 6th R2 ORAL
T0306. Radon priority areas as random objects
Peter Bossew*
11:40 Thu Sep 6th R2 ORAL
T0308. The fractality of landslides’ spatial association with spatial factors
Emmanuel John Carranza*, Renguang Zuo
12:00 Thu Sep 6th R2 ORAL
T0309. The model of cyclic exogenous processes and natural risk assessment
Alexey Victorov*
14:00 Thu Sep 6th R2 ORAL
T0310. Probabilistic modeling for transport and communication network purpose in the taiga zone
Olga Trapeznikova*
14:20 Thu Sep 6th R2 ORAL

T04 Geomathematics and Marine Geosciences

Jan Harff (University of Szczecin, Poland), Di Zhou (Chinese Academy of Sciences, PR China)

Thu Sep 6th R4 10:00:00

T0401. Mathematical Marine Geosciences: A Time Series Paleo Perspective
Manfred Mudelsee*
10:00 Thu Sep 6th R4 ORAL
T0402. Singularity analysis of extreme events occurred along oceanic plate boundaries
Qiuming Cheng
10:20 Thu Sep 6th R4 ORAL
T0403. „Noise“ – an integral part of climate modelling
Hans von Storch*, Xueen Chen, Shengquan Tang
10:40 Thu Sep 6th R4 ORAL
T0404. Enhanced Principal Tensor Analysis (PTA_SSA): a tool for multi-way geological data reconstructions
Sergey Kotov*, Heiko Paelike
11:00 Thu Sep 6th R4 ORAL
T0405. Multivariate geostatistical analysis of sedimentological and geochemical facies of a polymetallic nodule accumulation area within the Clarion-Clipperton Facture Zone, equatorial northern Pacific Ocean
Łukasz Maciąg*, Jan Harff
11:20 Thu Sep 6th R4 ORAL
T0406. Mathematics for CO2 geological storage
Di Zhou*
Cancelled: 11:40 Thu Sep 6th R4 ORAL
T0407. Models to display coastline change as paleo- and future scenarios
Jan Harff*, Andreas Groh, Joanna Dudzinska-Nowak, Andrzej Osadczuk, Ryszard K. Borowka, Hongjun Chen, Jakub Miluch, Peter Feldens, Ping Xiong, Yugen Ni, Wenyan Zhang
12:00 Thu Sep 6th R4 ORAL

T05 Dimensionality Reduction and Local Methods for Big Spatial and Space-time Data

Dionissios Hristopulos (Technical University of Crete, Greece), Denis Allard (Applied Mathematics and Informatics Division, INRA, France)

Tue Sep 4th R3 11:00:00

T0501. Non-stationary environmental and meteorological data interpolation using principal component regression
Konstantin Krivoruchko*, Kevin A. Butler
Cancelled: 11:00 Tue Sep 4th R3 ORAL
T0502. Unsupervised landform classification using automatic scale selection and Gaussian mixture model capable of distinguishing between different types of lowlands
Jaroslaw Jasiewicz*, Tomasz Stepinski
11:20 Tue Sep 4th R3 ORAL
T0503. Effective Probability Distributions for Spatially Dependent Processes
Anastassia Baxevani*, Dionissios Hristopulos
11:40 Tue Sep 4th R3 ORAL
T0504. Introduction to a Stochastic Local Interaction Model and Applications
Dionissios Hristopulos*, Andreas Pavlidis, Vasiliki Agou, Giota Gkafa
12:00 Tue Sep 4th R3 ORAL

T06 Developments in Methods and Software Tools for Assessment of Non-Renewable Resources

Mark J. Mihalasky (United States Geological Survey, USA), Carlos Roberto de Souza Filho (State University of Campinas, Brazil), Emmanuel John Carranza (University of KwaZulu-Natal), Vesa Nykänen (Geological Survey of Finland), Kalevi Rasilainen (Geological Survey of Finland, Finland)

Tue Sep 4th R2 16:30:00

T0601. Big data-based mapping mineral prospectivity
Renguang Zuo*
16:30 Tue Sep 4th R2 ORAL
T0602. Using space-time cubes for visualization, exploratory data analysis, in-depth data analysis, and to inform policy
Joshua Coyan*
16:50 Tue Sep 4th R2 ORAL
T0603. Multi-Point Statistics for Tailings Deposits
Sangga Rima Roman Selia*, Raimon Tolosana-Delgado, K. Gerald van den Boogaart, Helmut Schaeben
17:10 Tue Sep 4th R2 ORAL

Wed Sep 5th R2 10:00:00

T0604. Spatial analysis of mineral deposit distribution: examples in the Carajás Mineral Province, Brazilian Amazon
Carlos Roberto de Souza Filho*, Paulo Haddad-Martim, Emmanuel John Carranza
10:00 Wed Sep 5th R2 ORAL
T0605. An empirical approach for defining continuous fuzzy memberships for prospectivity modelling of Central Lapland Greenstone Belt
Johanna Torppa*, Vesa Nykänen, Ferenc Molnár
10:20 Wed Sep 5th R2 ORAL
T0606. A 3D subsurface model of the Erzgebirge for 3D mineral potential mapping of Sn-W deposits with artificial neural networks
Andreas Brosig*, Andreas Knobloch, Claus Legler, Peggy Hielscher, Sven Heico Etzold, Enrico Kallmeier, Peter Bock, Andreas Barth
10:40 Wed Sep 5th R2 ORAL
T0607. An emergent self-organizing map and compositional data analysis approach to predicting rare earth element potential in hydrocarbon produced waters of the United States
Mark A. Engle, Charles W. Nye, Ghanashyam Neupane, Scott A. Quillinan, J. Fred McLaughlin, Travis McLing, Josep A. Martín-Fernández
11:00 Wed Sep 5th R2 ORAL
T0610. Mineral potential mapping and resource estimation with artificial neural networks using the advangeo® Prediction Software: Background, case studies and experiences
Andreas Knobloch*, Andreas Barth, Andreas Brosig, Thomas Kuhn, Daniel Boamah, Kwame Boamah, Henrik Kaufmann
11:20 Wed Sep 5th R2 ORAL
T0611. New ArcSDM5 toolbox used for orogenic gold prospectivity modeling within Northern Fennoscandian Shield, Finland
Vesa Nykänen*, Maarit Middleton, Tero Niiranen, Tero Rönkkö, Janne Kallunki, Juha Strengell, Kimmo Korhonen
11:40 Wed Sep 5th R2 ORAL
T0612. U.S. Geological Survey Advancements in Mineral Resource Assessment Methods, Workflows, and Software Tools
Mark J. Mihalasky*
14:00 Wed Sep 5th R2 ORAL
T0613. Integrating Mineral Prospectivity Modelling into the Three-Part Assessment Method: The MAP Software
Kalevi Rasilainen*
14:20 Wed Sep 5th R2 ORAL
T0614. A free software for pore-scale modelling: finite-difference method Stokes solver (FDMSS) for 3D pore geometries
Kirill Gerke*, Roman V. Valisyev, Siarhei Khirevich, Daniel Collins, Marina V. Karsanina, Timofey O. Sizonenko, Dmitry V. Korost, Sébastien Lamontagne, Dirk Mallants
14:40 Wed Sep 5th R2 ORAL
T0615. Development and application of petroleum resources assessment system based on network environment and database
Mi Shiyun*
15:00 Wed Sep 5th R2 ORAL
T0801. A Series of Software Systems for Verifying Mining Rights in China
Yongzhi Wang*, Yongjie Tan
15:20 Wed Sep 5th R2 ORAL
Updated from: 02:00 PM Thu Sep 6th R4 ORAL

T07 Applied Geoinformatics for Mineral Exploration

Mana Rahimi (the University of British Columbia, Canada), Vesa Nykänen (Geological Survey of Finland)

Tue Sep 4th R2 11:00:00

T0701. 3D structure modeling and fractal analysis for exploration targeting and mineral resources assessment in Luanchuan polymetallic district
Gongwen Wang*
11:00 Tue Sep 4th R2 ORAL
T0702. Objectively grading geophysical interpretations and modelling mineral system uncertainties to generate robust exploration targets
Joel N Burkin*, Mark D Lindsay, Sandra A Occhipinti, Eun-Jung Holden, David Nathan
11:20 Tue Sep 4th R2 ORAL
T0703. Hierarchical approach to regional geological modelling
Andrei Sidorov jn*, Andrei Sidorov, Andrei Plavnik
11:40 Tue Sep 4th R2 ORAL
T0704. Spatial distribution characteristics and mineral prospectivity mapping for tungsten polymetallic deposits in the Nanling region, China
Tongfei Li*, Qinglin Xia, Mengyang Zhao, Shuai Leng
14:00 Tue Sep 4th R2 ORAL
T0705. Multifractal modeling in wavelet domain for identifying anomalies caused by deep mineral resources
Guoxiong Chen*
14:20 Tue Sep 4th R2 ORAL
T0706. Application of fractal models to delineate mineralized zones in the Pulang porphyry copper deposit, Yunnan, Southwest China
Xiaochen Wang*, Qinglin Xia
14:40 Tue Sep 4th R2 ORAL
T0707. Chemical responses to hydraulic fracturing at magmatic hydrothermal transition: insight from numerical modeling
Xiangchong Liu*, Dehui Zhang
15:00 Tue Sep 4th R2 ORAL
T0708. Characteristics and resource potentials of the source rocks in Cambrian System, eastern Sichuan Basin, China
Man Zheng*, Qiulin Guo, Jingdu Yu, Jianhua Wang
15:20 Tue Sep 4th R2 ORAL
T0709. The predictor modelling for the magmatic type mineral resources based on the comprehensive information: a case in the Dazaohuo area, East Kunlun of northwest China
ning cui, Keyan Xiao, Jiannan Liu, Jianping Chen*, Zhuosheng Liu
15:40 Tue Sep 4th R2 ORAL

T09 Stratigraphic Forward Modeling

Daniel Tetzlaff (Consultant, Houston, United States of America), Cedric Griffiths (StrataMod, Australia, Curtin University)

Wed Sep 5th R4 10:00:00

T0901. A Digital Flume Tank
Cedric Griffiths*
10:00 Wed Sep 5th R4 ORAL
T0902. Assessing the potential of response surfaces to perform risk analysis and data assimilation in stratigraphic forward modeling
Veronique Gervais*, Didier Granjeon, Patrick Rasolofosaon
10:20 Wed Sep 5th R4 ORAL
T0903. Automated Inverse Stratigraphic Modeling Using Differential Evolution
Yanfeng Liu*, Taizhong Duan, Wenbiao Zhang, Mingchuan Wang
10:40 Wed Sep 5th R4 ORAL
T0904. Evaluating the structural control over carbonate platforms developed in syn-rift settings
Isabella Masiero*, Peter Burgess, Lucy Manifold, Cathy Hollis, Johanne Nergaard Grinde, Rob Gawthorpe, Atle Rotevatn, Isabelle Lecomte
11:00 Wed Sep 5th R4 ORAL
T0905. How to quantify the initial source-rock properties at a basin-scale from a stratigraphic numerical forward model ?
Benoit Chauveau, Didier Granjeon, Alina-Berenice Christ*
11:20 Wed Sep 5th R4 ORAL
T0906. Sediment load and transport estimation using random walk theory
Daniel Tetzlaff
11:40 Wed Sep 5th R4 ORAL
T0907. The weighted curvature minimization: a correction to thickness variations in implicit structural modeling
Julien Renaudeau*, Frantz Maerten, Emmanuel Malvesin, Guillaume Caumon
12:00 Wed Sep 5th R4 ORAL
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