Instruction for Authors

General Information

The conference accepts oral and poster presentations, based on a short abstracts accompanied by a graphical abstract or a figure. A maximum number of one oral and one poster contribution per presenting author might be enforced in case of many submitted contributions. Presenting authors need to be registered at the early bird registration deadline to stay in the programme.

The deadline for abstract submission is March 15, 2022

Short Abstracts

Acceptance of contribution will be based on short abstracts accompanied (optional) by a graphical abstract or informative figure (width 12.5cm height up to 10cm, jpg or png file format). The abstract should be informative enough to allow to judge the content and relevance of the contribution.

Please submit your abstract through the contribution managment system.

Full Papers

We will not publish long abstracts this year.

Mathematical Geosciences will publish a post-conference special issue for IAMG 2022. Note that authors are encouraged to submit their work to any of the four IAMG journals even if their work is not selected in this special issue:

During the submission process, we recommend authors to mention that the work (or part of it) is presented at IAMG 2022 and to also mention the session name, as this will help the editorial process.

Poster Teaser

All poster presenter will have the opportunity for short (max 2 min) teaser presentation. You can use 1 slide (pdf format), which needs to be submitted through the contribution management system ahead of the conference. The aim of a teaser presentation is to get people interested in coming to see your poster. Why is the result important? Is this poster interesting for me? It is NOT a mini presentation of the content.

Slides for Oral contributions

Slides need to be uploaded ahead of the conference in pdf, ppt, pptx, or odp format. For other formats please contact the office with example files way ahead of time. The projectors will use 16/9 format. There will be no slide template provided.

Some general recommendations for oral presentations

  • Make sure your present your research question and what you are doing before explaining how you do it.
  • Best scientific presentations develop a narrative to tell a story and stress the main points.
  • Avoid writing full sentences on slides: telegraphic style and keywords are preferable
  • Use (and don't abuse) animations to synchronize your speech and what the audience sees on the slides
  • Make sure eveyone can read the text and legends even when sitting at the back of the room

Videos for Remote Oral contributions

Videos for remote oral presentations need to be uploaded ahead of the conference. There will be no slide template provided. The projectors will use 16/9 format, HD resolution 1920 x 1080 px). Please use a MP4 video format. The videao will be played with the VLC application.

The deadline to upload remote presentations videos is set to Thursday, Aug 25 to allow for testing.

To minimize networking problems, ONLY videos will be streamed during the conference. Authors are expected to join online for the Q&A. (Zoom instructions will be sent the week before the conference).


All presentations are in English. To ensure a high standard of presentations, please train your presentation before. Normal oral presentations will be given 25 minute slots. We recommend to split this time into 18 minutes of presentations, 6 minutes of discussion, allowing for 1 min for transition and announcements.

Invited speakers will be informed about the length of their slots.


Posters will be up to A0 (118,9 cm x84,1cm) portrait format. The Poster must be clearly titled with the contribution code (to be provided through the paper managment system on publication of the programme), the contribution title and the authors. Poster presenters are expected to be present at their poster during the dedicated poster session.

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