The 22st annual conference of the IAMG
August 05 - 12, 2023, Trondheim, Norway

Data Policy of the IAMG2023 conference

September 22, 2018

Dear User,

You, the conference organizers and the conference office will use this web-site to publish information and to manage your participation in an international conference, with international committees that will take place in the United States of America. Input of any data on this web-site constitutes an implicit contract that we can use your data for specific purposes as outlined below. Our data policy is different from a regular data protection policy. Large parts of your data will thus be used, reviewed and published internationally.

  1. Who handles my data?

    Your data will be handled by the office of the International Association for Mathematical Geosciences (IAMG) office for use by the IAMG.

  2. Cookies

    The web-site uses Cookies only to manage your login. These Cookies are removed during a sucessfull logout.

  3. Names

    Your name as an author of a contribution, or as a session convener will be publised, as part of the contribution and as part of the program. It is also accessible to reviewers, members of the scientific committee and the conference organziation committee for the purposes of reviewing the publications, preparing the porgram and preparing the sessions.

  4. Affiliations

    The Affiliation you provide to us, will be published, e.g. on your conference badge. You provide affiliation information to us only for that purpose. Please not give affiliation information that you do not wish to be published.

  5. e-mail data

    Your e-mail address(es) will only be used by the IAMG office and the conference organizer, unless you agree to be included into the list of participants. If you agree, your email address will be shared with all participants of the conference.

  6. Contractors

    If you register for any short courses, social activites or field trips, the organizers of these activities will provided with a list of participants. The names of the organizers will be available from the description of the activity.

  7. Scientific Contributions

    Contributions in the form of titles, author lists, short abstracts and long abstracts are submitted with the explict purpose of them being reviewed and published. The information will thus be provided to international reviewers and, conditional to acceptance, will be published in various forms. It is your duty as a submitter of the original contribution to ensure that all authors fully agree to this purpose and provide the IAMG with the necesarry rights to do so. Publication takes place in the form of conference programs, a short abstract volume, and a long abstract volume, all eventually available online and/or in printed versions. In case of unforseen changes, these will also be communicated as updates.

  8. Data sharing

    Your data will be managed by the IAMG office as a conference office in the name of the IAMG (International Association for Mathematical Geosciences). Your data will only be shared to others on a need to know basis according to the regulations above.

  9. Your rights

    Your data is stored and handled in Germany and in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (EGDPR). According to the EGDPR you have the following rights:

    • Correction of incorrect data.
    • Blocking access to your data.
    • Deleting your data.
    • Providing you with a copy the data we have about you.
    Please contact the conference office via e-mail support@iamgmembers.org.

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