The 22st annual conference of the IAMG
August 05 - 12, 2023, Trondheim, Norway

Scientific Programme

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This programme schedule is tentative and will be regularly updated during the conference.
ORAL: Oral Contribution (typically 18min + 6min Discussion)
REMOTE ORAL: Remotely presented Oral Contribution (typically 18min + 6min Discussion)
POSTER: Poster Contribution (1-2min Teaser ORAL presentation+Poster Session later)
ANY: Change to ORAL proposed to contribution on the ORAL waiting list
R1-R7: Rooms

S00 Plenary Session

Mon Aug 7th R7 08:40:00

S0001. Spatial Analytics for Geoforensics and Geohealth
Jennifer Mckinley*
08:40 Mon Aug 7th R7 KEYNOTE
S0002. Geochronology as a compositional data problem
Pieter Vermeesch*
13:00 Mon Aug 7th R7 KEYNOTE

Tue Aug 8th R7 08:30:00

S0003. Data Analytics and Machine Learning for Geostatistics
Michael Pyrcz*
08:30 Tue Aug 8th R7 KEYNOTE
S0004. Decision-making for follow-up mineral exploration based on spatial uncertainty of geochemical data
Behnam Sadeghi*
13:00 Tue Aug 8th R7 KEYNOTE

Wed Aug 9th R7 08:30:00

S0005. Modeling of coupled processes in fractured geothermal systems
Inga Berre*
08:30 Wed Aug 9th R7 KEYNOTE
S0006. Harnessing the complexity of minerals: Data-driven exploration of evolving Earth and planetary systems
Shaunna Morrison*
13:00 Wed Aug 9th R7 KEYNOTE

Thu Aug 10th R7 08:30:00

S0007. Non linear and non Gaussian geostatistical models using Copulas
Andras Bardossy*
08:30 Thu Aug 10th R7 KEYNOTE
S0008. A journey into covariance models for spatial data
Xavier Emery*
12:40 Thu Aug 10th R7 KEYNOTE

S01 Reservoir Characterization and Machine Learning: From Pore to Field Scale

Suihong Song (Stanford University), Yuqi Wu (China University of Petroleum (East China)), Mingliang Liu (Stanford University), Senyou An (Imperial College London)

Tue Aug 8th R9 10:00:00

S0101. Application of Reinforcement Learning in Geostatistical Modeling Workflows
Baran C Yucel*, Sanjay Srinivasan, Morteza E Naraghi
10:00 Tue Aug 8th R9 ORAL
S0102. Graph Generative Deep Learning for Uncertainty Quantification of Brugge field
Gleb Shishaev, Vasily Demyanov*, Daniel Arnold, Roman Vygon
10:20 Tue Aug 8th R9 ORAL
S0103. Stochastic modeling of finer-scale muddy drapes inside point bar reservoirs with GANSim
Xun Hu, Suihong Song, Jiagen Hou, Leonardo Azevedo, Yanshu Yin
10:40 Tue Aug 8th R9 ORAL
S0104. Accurate reconstruction of reservoir models in spectral domain using compressed sensing guided by reinforcement learning
Corey Hoydic*, Sanjay Srinivasan, Morteza Naraghi
11:00 Tue Aug 8th R9 ORAL
S0105. Time-lapse 3D CSEM for reservoir monitoring based on rock physics simulation
Mohammed Ettayebi*, Shunguo SW Wang, Martin ML Landrø
11:20 Tue Aug 8th R9 ORAL
S0106. Pore Pressure Uncertainty Characterization Coupling Machine Learning and Geostatistical Modelling
Amilcar Soares*, Leonardo Azevedo, Amilcar Soares, Ruben Nunes, Teresa Martins, Mario Santos, João Costa, Paulo Salvadoretti
11:40 Tue Aug 8th R9 ORAL

Wed Aug 9th R7 14:00:00

S0107. Wavelet Operational Matrices and Lagrange Interpolation Differential Quadrature-Based Numerical Algorithms for Simulation of Nanofluid in Porous Channel
Aisha M. Alqahtani*
14:00 Wed Aug 9th R7 ORAL
S0108. Machine learning-based reservoir characterization at multi-scales: current research status, future directions, and challenges
Tapan Mukerji*, Suihong Song, Mingliang Liu
14:20 Wed Aug 9th R7 REMOTE ORAL
S0110. Facies modelling in fluvial environments with Self-Attention Generative Adversarial Networks conditioned to well data
Valentin GOLDITE, Antoine BOUZIAT*, Jean-François LECOMTE, Thibault FANEY
14:40 Wed Aug 9th R7 ORAL
S2207. Robust Optimization of Brine Extraction Well Placement Using Deep Learning and Fast-Marching Method
Hoonyoung Jeong*, Hyunjee Yun
15:00 Wed Aug 9th R7 ORAL
Updated from: 02:00 PM Thu Aug 10th R9 ORAL
S0111. Unsupervised Machine Learning for Well Log Depth Alignment: A Case Study of Well 16/1-9 in the Ivar Asan Field, Norwegian North Sea
Sushil Acharya*, Karl Fabian
15:20 Wed Aug 9th R7 POSTER
Updated from: 03:00 PM Wed Aug 9th R7 POSTER
S0113. Geomodelling with GANSim: from idea to practice
Suihong Song*, Tapan Mukerji, Dongxiao Zhang, Jiagen Hou
15:22 Wed Aug 9th R7 POSTER
Updated from: 03:02 PM Wed Aug 9th R7 POSTER
S0114. A Stochastic Bottom-Up Model for Regional Oil Production Combining Size-Biased Sampling, the Poisson Process, and Production Profiles: With an Application to the Gulf of Mexico and Norway
Moritz Tarach*
15:24 Wed Aug 9th R7 POSTER
Updated from: 03:04 PM Wed Aug 9th R7 POSTER

S02 Mathematical methods and approaches for monitoring and predicting ground movements

Jan Blachowski (Wroclaw University of Science and Technology), Jörg Benndorf (Technische University Bergakademie Freiberg), Steinar L. Ellefmo (Norwegian Umiversity of Science and Technology)

Tue Aug 8th R8 10:00:00

S0201. Ground surface deformation modelling with spatial and random forest regression approach
Jan Blachowski*, Steinar L. Ellefmo
10:00 Tue Aug 8th R8 ORAL
S0202. Data – Driven Prediction of Spatial Settlements on Mining Waste-Dumps – Combining Geotechnical Process Knowledge with InSAR-Data
Jörg Benndorf*
10:20 Tue Aug 8th R8 REMOTE ORAL

S03 Mining geostatistics, optimization and geometallurgy

K. Gerald van den Boogaart, Julian Ortiz (Queens University Kingston), Raimon Tolosana Delgado (HZDR), Jörg Benndorf (TU Bergakademie Freiberg)

Tue Aug 8th R9 14:00:00

S0301. Local Transformations using kernel density estimation for simultaneous detrending and Gaussian anamorphosis
Ilnur Minniakhmetov*
14:00 Tue Aug 8th R9 ORAL
S0302. Integration of Machine Learning and Geostatistics to improve the concentration mapping (Case study: Bauxite mining wastes in Puglia-Italy))
Sara Kasmaeeyazdi*, Emanuele Mandanici, Enrico Pivato, Thorkild Rasmussen
14:20 Tue Aug 8th R9 ORAL
S0303. Concepts of statistical entropy for the evaluation of comminution and separation processes
Raimon Tolosana Delgado*, Edgar Schach, Urs Peuker
14:40 Tue Aug 8th R9 ORAL
S0304. High-Order Simulation of Processing Responses Applied to Adaptive and Reinforcement Learning-Based Short-Term Planning of Industrial Mining Complexes
Joao Pedro de Carvalho*, Roussos Dimitrakopoulos
15:00 Tue Aug 8th R9 ORAL
S0305. Integration of Machine Learning for grade estimation in mineral resource modelling.
Ilyas Ongarbayev*, Jukka-Pekka Ranta, John Carranza, Nasser Madani
Cancelled: 15:20 Tue Aug 8th R9 POSTER
S0306. A hybrid model of machine learning and discrete event simulation techniques to predict ore production in mining operations
Yosoon Choi, Sebeom Park, Dahee Jung*, Jeong-Gi Um, Jieun Baek
15:22 Tue Aug 8th R9 POSTER
S0308. Resource Modeling in Copper Deposits using Multivariate Geostatistics
Artur Korniyenko*, Nasser Madani
15:24 Tue Aug 8th R9 POSTER
S0325. M3G: Music as a Metaphor in Mining Geostatistics
Steinar L. Ellefmo*, Torkjell Breivik, Micah Nehring, Julie Ballantyne
15:24 Tue Aug 8th R9 POSTER
Updated from: 12:00 AM Tue Aug 8th R9 POSTER

Wed Aug 9th R9 10:00:00

S0309. Application of Multivariate Geostatistics for Geospatial Modelling of Tailings Storage Facilities in Kazakhstan
Aidyn Tileugabylov*, Nasser Madani
10:00 Wed Aug 9th R9 ORAL
S0310. Geostatistics for mineral resource assessment of critical battery elements
Milena Nasretdinova*, Nasser Madani, Mohammad Maleki
10:20 Wed Aug 9th R9 ORAL
S0311. Validating non-stationary Conditional Simulations at Olympic Dam Deposit: Benchmarking against Estimation Techniques using data from the recent drilling
Ilnur Minniakhmetov*, David Clarke
10:40 Wed Aug 9th R9 ORAL
S0312. Resource risk quantification through automation and sensitivity analysis – an Alcoa’s case study
Hadrien Meyer*, Johann Dangin, Claude Cavelius, Lucas Tuckwell, Quentin Swart, Thomas Green
11:00 Wed Aug 9th R9 ORAL
S0313. Simultaneous stochastic optimization of mining complexes and geostatistical simulations: Key aspects and interactions
Roussos Dimitrakopoulos*
11:20 Wed Aug 9th R9 ORAL
S0320. Bayesian Evidential Learning (BEL) Applied to Mineral Resource Modelling to Reduce Uncertainties
Aafje A.L. Houben , Masoud Soleymani Shishvan*
11:40 Wed Aug 9th R9 ORAL
S0321. Developing a New Data-driven Multiple-point Simulation Method Based on Copulas
Babak Sohrabian, A. Erhan Tercan*
14:00 Wed Aug 9th R9 ORAL
S0322. Plurigaussian collocated co-simulation: an innovative technique for stochastic modeling of geological domains
Collins Gogoe Adoko*, Nasser Madani
14:20 Wed Aug 9th R9 ORAL
S0323. Generalized Laguerre Mosaics as versatile toolbox for microstructure modelling
K. Gerald van den Boogaart*, Raimon Tolosana Delgado, Felix Ballani
14:40 Wed Aug 9th R9 ORAL

S05 Rare events detection for risk management in geoengineering

Alla Sapronova, Thomas Marcher (Institute of Rock Mechanics and Tunnelling, Graz University of Technology)

Tue Aug 8th R8 10:40:00

S0501. Advanced numerical model for landslides: from quick clay to submarine landslides
Quoc Anh Tran*
10:40 Tue Aug 8th R8 ORAL
S0502. Application of unsupervised learning methods for predictive modeling in geoengineering
Alla Sapronova*, Paul Johannes Unterlass
11:00 Tue Aug 8th R8 ORAL
S0503. Use and limitations of various metrics to assess the quality of extreme sparse datasets in geotechnics
Matthias Hahn*, Alla Sapronova, Marlene Villeneuve
11:20 Tue Aug 8th R8 ORAL
S0504. Conditional WGAN-GP approach for geotechnical dataset augmentation
Paul Johannes Unterlass*, Alla Sapronova, Georg Erharter, Thomas Marcher
11:40 Tue Aug 8th R8 REMOTE ORAL
S0505. Balancing the datasets: an overview and evaluation of machine learning approaches
Alla Sapronova*, Paul J. Unterlass, T. Dickmann, J. Hecht- Méndez, Thomas Marcher
12:00 Tue Aug 8th R8 POSTER
S0506. Decision Support Based on Inventory Data
Vaibhav Shringi, Paul Johannes Unterlass*, Alla Sapronova, Thomas Marcher
14:00 Tue Aug 8th R8 REMOTE ORAL
S0508. Rare event detection with Autoencoders: application in civil engineering
Alla Sapronova*, Paul Johannes Unterlass, Thomas Marcher
14:20 Tue Aug 8th R8 ORAL

S06 Advances in computational analysis of geochemical survey data for geochemical anomaly detection

Behnam Sadeghi (Earth and Planets Laboratory, Carnegie Institution for Science, 5251 Broad Branch Road NW, Washington DC 20015, USA), Peter Atkinson (Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University), Jennifer McKinley (Geography, School of Natural and Built Environment, Queen’s University Belfast, UK), Mark Cooper (Geological Survey of Northern Ireland)

Mon Aug 7th R5 14:00:00

S0601. Spatial outlier detection using the spatially smoothed MRCD
Patricia Puchhammer*, Peter Filzmoser
14:00 Mon Aug 7th R5 ORAL
S0602. 3D U-Spatial Statistics applet: A Case Study for Epithermal Gold Deposit in Turkey
Gunes Ertunc*, Ali Imer
14:20 Mon Aug 7th R5 ORAL
S0603. Soil geochemistry data analysis of hydrogen and other gases along the San Andreas Fault
Yashee Mathur*, Victor Awosiji, Tapan Mukerji, Kenneth E. Peters
14:40 Mon Aug 7th R5 REMOTE ORAL
S0605. The off-axis plume–ridge interaction model: Confirmation from the mineral chemistry of Cretaceous basalts of the Ontong Java Plateau
Jing Chen*, Shuang-Shuang Chen, Donald B. Dingwell, Qiuming Cheng
15:00 Mon Aug 7th R5 POSTER

S07 Practical Aspects and Applied Studies in Geochemical Exploration and Mapping with Compositional Logratio Techniques

Jennifer McKinley (Geography, School of Natural and Built Environment, Queen’s University Belfast, UK), Karel Hron

Wed Aug 9th R8 14:00:00

S0701. A subcompositionally coherent proportionality index of parts
Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn, Juan Jose Egozcue*
14:00 Wed Aug 9th R8 ORAL
S0702. Application of compositional data analysis to biogeochemical exploration for disclosing the lithology-derived signatures in plants from its physiological artifacts
Lucija Dujmović*, Solveig Pospiech, Raimon Tolosana-Delgado, K. Gerald van den Boogaart , Jörg Matschullat, Maarit Middleton
14:20 Wed Aug 9th R8 ORAL
S0703. Base metal geochemical anomaly mapping in the Trøndelag county, Norway: insights from cluster analysis
Pedro Acosta-Gongora*, Y Wang, C Haase, K Saalman, I Henderson, T Bjerkgård
14:40 Wed Aug 9th R8 ORAL
S0704. Compositionally relevant post hoc tests of compositional linear models
Solveig Pospiech*, K. Gerald van den Boogaart
15:00 Wed Aug 9th R8 ORAL

Thu Aug 10th R8 10:00:00

S0705. Geomicrobiological study of a hydrothermal vent field using compositional methods
Sven Le Moine Bauer*, Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn, Juan José Egozcue, Steffen Jørgensen
10:00 Thu Aug 10th R8 ORAL
S0706. Identifying important pairwise logratios in geochemical data with sparse principal component analysis
Karel Hron*, Viktorie Nesrstová, Ines Wilms, Peter Filzmoser
10:20 Thu Aug 10th R8 ORAL
S0707. River chemistry behaviour in response to perturbations revealed by density distributions of Principal Balances
Caterina Gozzi*, Antonella Buccianti
10:40 Thu Aug 10th R8 ORAL
S0708. Tectono-geochemical anomaly identification and concealed ore deposit prediction based on compositional balance analysis
Yue Liu*
11:00 Thu Aug 10th R8 REMOTE ORAL
S0709. Mapping Potential Targets for Gold Mineralization Based on Score Balances of Soil Geochemical Data in the Amapari Region, Amapá State, Brazil
Luis Braga*, claudio porto, Joao Casado
11:20 Thu Aug 10th R8 REMOTE ORAL

S08 AI-driven mineral prospectivity mapping

Renguang Zuo, Emmanuel John M. Carranza (University of the Free State), Yihui Xiong (China University of Geosciences)

Mon Aug 7th R9 10:00:00

S0801. Exploration targeting of conduit-type orthomagmatic Ni-Cu-PGE-Co deposits in northern Finland.
Malcolm Aranha*, Shenghong Yang, Elena Kozlovskaya, Pertti Sarala, Hanna Silvennoinen
10:00 Mon Aug 7th R9 ORAL
S0802. Automatic Detection of Geological Structures from Map Data
David Oakley*, Thierry Coowar, Christelle Loiselet, Jean-Paul Callot
10:20 Mon Aug 7th R9 ORAL
S0803. A hybrid method combines direct sampling and convolutional neural network for lithological mapping based on geochemical survey data
Ziye Wang*, Renguang Zuo
10:40 Mon Aug 7th R9 ORAL
S0804. Multimodal Fusion Modeling for 3D Mineral Prospectivity Prediction: Incorporating 3D geological models and dynamic numeric models with Canonical Correlation Analysis
Yang Zheng*, Hao Deng
11:00 Mon Aug 7th R9 ORAL
S0805. Multi-fidelity geological knowledge constrained neural network for mineral prospecting mapping
Zhang Chunjie*, Renguang Zuo
11:20 Mon Aug 7th R9 ORAL
S0806. Machine-readable expression of unstructured geological information and intelligent prediction of mineralization associated anomaly areas in Pangxidong District, Western Guangdong, South China
Kunyi Wang*, Qiuming Cheng, Yongzhang Zhou
11:40 Mon Aug 7th R9 POSTER
S0807. Predicting unknown mineral occurrences using mineral association analysis and improving our understanding of mineralogy.
Anirudh Prabhu*, Shaunna M. Morrison, Ahmed Eleish, Peter Fox, Joshua J. Golden, Robert T. Downs, Samuel Perry, Peter C. Burns, Jolyon Ralph, Robert M. Hazen
11:42 Mon Aug 7th R9 POSTER
Updated from: 12:00 PM Mon Aug 7th R9 POSTER
S0808. Intelligent automatic mapping technology for the preparation of petroleum resources assessment base maps
Shiyun Mi*, Zhenzhen Wu, Min Niu, Qian Zhang
14:00 Mon Aug 7th R9 ORAL
S0809. Application of LSTM in Deep Ore Prospecting: A Case Study In Laowan Gold Deposit in Henan Province, China
Lingling Yuan*, Shoutao Jiao, Yueqin Zhu, Rongmei Liu, Peng Chai, Maojian Chen
14:20 Mon Aug 7th R9 ORAL

S09 Accelerating Geoscientific AI with Synthetic Data

Peter Tilke, Hakan Basarir

Thu Aug 10th R8 13:40:00

S0901. Forward Model Based Synthetic Geological Data for AI/ML workflows
Peter Tilke, Lingchen Zhu*, Marie Etchebes, Marie LeFranc
13:40 Thu Aug 10th R8 ORAL
S0902. Massive synthetic geological forward modeling using high-throughput computing
Lingchen Zhu*, Peter Tilke, Valery Polyakov, Raymond Kocian
14:00 Thu Aug 10th R8 ORAL
S0903. SA-RelayGANs: a novel framework for the characterization of complex hydrological realism based on GANs and self-attention mechanism
Zhesi Cui*, Qiyu Chen, Gang Liu
14:20 Thu Aug 10th R8 REMOTE ORAL
S0904. Biosignatures in Complex Molecular Mixtures-a Machine Learning Approach
Grethe Hystad*, H. James Cleaves II, Anirudh Prabhu, Michael L. Wong, George D. Cody, Sophia Economon, Robert M. Hazen
14:40 Thu Aug 10th R8 ORAL

S10 Spatiotemporal Methods and Data Analysis

Dionysios Christopoulos, Sandra De Iaco (University of Salento, Italy), Emmanouil Varouchakis (Technical University of Crete)

Tue Aug 8th R7 10:00:00

S1001. Spatiotemporal interpolation of large meteorological fields
Sofia D. Nerantzaki*, Dionysios Christopoulos, Simon Michael Papalexiou
10:00 Tue Aug 8th R7 ORAL
S1002. Locally refined spline surfaces and volumes for representation and analysis of geo-spational points
Vibeke Skytt
10:20 Tue Aug 8th R7 ORAL
S1003. Stochastic Local Interaction Models for Multivariate Datasets
Dionysios Christopoulos*
10:40 Tue Aug 8th R7 ORAL
S1004. Big data analysis and achievements of global Petroleum exploration
Jingdu Yu*, Shiyun Mi, Qiulin Guo, Qian Zhang, Zhenzhen Wu
11:00 Tue Aug 8th R7 ORAL
S1005. EOF-based analog selection for satellite-derived wind speed image time series reconstruction: A multiple-point statistical framework
Stylianos Hadjipetrou*, Gregoire Mariethoz , Phaedon Kyriakidis
11:20 Tue Aug 8th R7 ORAL
S1006. A multivariate space-time geostatistical approach for modeling and predicting agrometeorological variables
Claudia Cappello*, Sandra De Iaco, Monica Palma, Klaus Nordhausen
11:40 Tue Aug 8th R7 ORAL
S1007. Signal processing and reconstruction methods with data gaps in geophysics (applications to Mont Terri URL)
Rachid Ababou*, Jean-Michel Matray
14:00 Tue Aug 8th R7 ORAL
S1008. Exploring seasonal patterns in baseflow using functional data analysis
Kathryn Leeming*, John P Bloomfield, Gemma Coxon, Yanchen Zheng
14:20 Tue Aug 8th R7 ORAL
S1009. Adaptive ocean sampling using surrogate models with spatially varying anisotropy in three dimensions
Martin Outzen Berild*, Geir-Arne Fuglstad
14:40 Tue Aug 8th R7 ORAL
S1010. Extracting critical production data for assisted history matching problem using topological data analysis
Anna Vetkina*, Gleb Shishaev
15:00 Tue Aug 8th R7 REMOTE ORAL
S1011. Cautionary remarks on the cross- and auto-correlation analysis of non-Gaussian and non-linear time series
Sung Yong Kim*
15:20 Tue Aug 8th R7 POSTER

Wed Aug 9th R7 10:00:00

S1012. Exploring Residential Built-Up Form Typologies in Delhi: A Grid-Based Clustering Approach towards Sustainable Urbanization
Aviral Marwal*
10:00 Wed Aug 9th R7 ORAL
S1013. Wavelet-based local structural complexity analysis of Lancaster-Sarmanov subordinated random fields
José M. Angulo, María D. Ruiz-Medina, Ana E. Madrid
10:20 Wed Aug 9th R7 ORAL
S1014. Spatiotemporal Signal Decomposition for CO2 Sequestration and Monitoring
Jose L. Hernandez Mejia*, Michael J. Pyrcz
10:40 Wed Aug 9th R7 ORAL
S1015. Cointegration Analysis of Factors Affecting Carbon Emission Based on Time Series Data
Xin Xie*
11:00 Wed Aug 9th R7 REMOTE ORAL
S1016. Deep Neural Network Workflow for Spatio-Temporal Groundwater Head Forecast
Xiao Xia Liang*
11:20 Wed Aug 9th R7 ORAL
S1017. Prediction of Total Phosphorus Concentration based on Multi-Modal Deep Learning for Four Major Rivers of the Republic of Korea
Min Kim*, Hye Won Lee, Jung Hyun Choi, Baehyun Min
11:40 Wed Aug 9th R7 ORAL

S11 Knowledge graph, knowledge-infused machine learning, and neuro-symbolic AI in geosciences

Xiaogang Ma (University of Idaho), Anirudh Prabhu (Carnegie Institution for Science), Xiang Que (University of Idaho), Chengbin Wang (China University of Geosciences, Wuhan)

Tue Aug 8th R5 14:00:00

S1101. Accelerating computation of non-Euclidean distances in implicit models with pathfinding heuristics
Luiz Gustavo Rasera*, Jeff Boisvert, Shaun Barker
14:00 Tue Aug 8th R5 ORAL
S1102. Machine Learning on Zircon Trace Elements Chemistry Reveals Onset of Plate Tectonics since Hadean
Guoxiong Chen
14:20 Tue Aug 8th R5 REMOTE ORAL
S1103. Knowledge-guided visual exploratory analysis of open mineral data
Xiaogang Ma*, Xiang Que, Jiyin Zhang, Jingyi Huang, Weilin Chen
14:40 Tue Aug 8th R5 ORAL
S1104. Loop Iteration-Based Different-Grained Geological Entity Recognition: A Case of Porphyry Copper Deposit
Chengbin Wang*, Yu Xiong
15:00 Tue Aug 8th R5 REMOTE ORAL
S1105. Modelling and Simulating the Built-up expansion in West Delhi through an integrated Machine Learning and ABM based approach.
Aviral Marwal*
Cancelled: 15:20 Tue Aug 8th R5 POSTER

S12 Novel geophysical data integration methods to assess natural resources

Katherine Silversides (ARC Training Centre in Data Analytics for Resources and Environments (DARE), The University of Sydney), Guillaume Pirot (The University of Western Australia), Jeremie Giraud (RING, GeoRessources / ENSG, Université de Lorraine)

Mon Aug 7th R5 10:00:00

S1201. How good can we classify geological units from airborne geophysics dataset using multiple-point statistics?
Guillaume Pirot*, Leonardo Luiz Portes dos Santos, Mark W Jessell
10:00 Mon Aug 7th R5 ORAL
S1202. Comparing clustering methods for detecting geological structure and domains from airborne geophysics
Katherine Silversides*, Mark Lindsay, Mark Jessell, Arianne Ford
10:20 Mon Aug 7th R5 ORAL
S1203. Self-organizing maps for integration of 3D geophysical datasets: Applications to exploration of mineral deposits.
Bijal Chudasama*, Noora Thurman, Johanna Torppa
Cancelled: 10:40 Mon Aug 7th R5 ORAL
S1214. Trans-dimensional 3D geometrical inversion: proof of concept and field application using gravity data from the Boulia region (Queensland, Australia)
Jeremie Giraud*, Guillaume Caumon, Lachlan Grose, Vitaliy Ogarko, Julien Herrero, Radu Stoica
10:40 Mon Aug 7th R5 REMOTE ORAL
Updated from: 12:00 AM Mon Aug 7th R5 REMOTE ORAL
S1204. Interpretability and scalability of geophysics inversion in machine learning with Haralick texture features
Leonardo Luiz Portes dos Santos*, Guillaume Pirot, Michel N Mamboukou, Jeremie Giraud, Edward Cripps, Mark Jessell
11:00 Mon Aug 7th R5 ORAL
S1205. Non-regression pre-stack AI-based seismic inversion algorithm
Rune Øverås*, Vita Kalashnikova, Barbara Eva Klein
11:20 Mon Aug 7th R5 ORAL
S1206. An investigation of regularization and constraints in surface-geometry inversion
Saeed Vatankhah, Xushan Lu, Peter Lelievre*, Colin Farquharson
11:40 Mon Aug 7th R5 ORAL
S1207. Quick clay monitoring using surface wave recorded on a distributed acoustic sensing array.
Robin Andre Rørstadbotnen*, Hefeng HD Dong, Martin ML Landrø, Kenneth KD Duffaut, Kevin KG Growe, Umedzhon Kakhkorov, Susann SW Wienecke, Joacim JJ Jacobsen
12:00 Mon Aug 7th R5 POSTER

S13 Data Integration

Jo Eidsvik (NTNU), Thomas Mejer Hansen (Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University), Klaus Mosegaard (Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen)

Mon Aug 7th R7 10:00:00

S1301. Probabilistic groundwater modelling for decision-makers with neural networks
Mathias Busk Dahl*, Rasmus Bødker Madsen, Troels Norvin Vilhelmsen, Thomas Mejer Hansen
10:00 Mon Aug 7th R7 ORAL
S1302. Coupling an ensemble smoother with a truncated Gaussian model for aquifer characterization
Valeria Todaro*, Marco D'Oria, Andrea Zanini, J. Jaime Gómez-Hernández, Maria Giovanna Tanda
10:20 Mon Aug 7th R7 ORAL
S1303. Core And Cuttings Derived Mineralogy Logs for improved subsurface characterization
Torolf Wedberg, Kristian B. Brandsegg*, Craig Lindsay
10:40 Mon Aug 7th R7 ORAL
S1304. Comparing PINN and Numerical Solutions for Heterogeneous and Anisotropic Unconfined Aquifer Systems
Daniele Secci*, Vanessa A. Godoy, J. Jaime Gómez-Hernández
11:00 Mon Aug 7th R7 ORAL
S1305. An Exponential Class of Ensemble based Optimization Algorithms
Mathias Methlie Nilsen*, Andreas S. Stordal, Patrick N. Raanes, Kjersti S. Eikrem, Rolf J. Lorentzen
11:20 Mon Aug 7th R7 ORAL
S1306. Hydrogeophysical inversions using ensembled smoother with multiple data assimilation
Camilla Fagandini*, Valeria Todaro, Claudia Escada, Leonardo Azevedo, Andrea Zanini, Jaime Gómez-Hernández
11:40 Mon Aug 7th R7 ORAL
S1307. Consistency and Causality in Bayesian Inversion Paradigms
Klaus Mosegaard*
14:00 Mon Aug 7th R7 ORAL
S1308. Global inversion and parametrization for building tomographic velocity models
Umed Kakhkhorov*, Børge Arntsen, Wiktor Waldemar Weibull
14:20 Mon Aug 7th R7 ORAL
S1309. Geophysical inversion for geological features.
Thomas Mejer Hansen*, Erik Skovbjerg, Ingelise Møller, Peter Sandersen, Rasmus B Madsen
14:40 Mon Aug 7th R7 ORAL
S1310. Generative Neural Network driven Full Waveform Inversion
Bhargav Boddupalli*, Børge Arntsen, Tor Andre Haugdahl, Mrinal K Sen, Martin Landrø
15:00 Mon Aug 7th R7 ORAL
S1311. A pseudo-Bayesian approach for non-linear seismic inversion
T. Tien Mai*, Mina Spremic, Jo Eidsvik
15:20 Mon Aug 7th R7 POSTER
S1312. An improved method in hydrocarbon resource abundance forecast through analogism based on isometric mapping theory and its preliminary application
Jingdu Yu*, Qiulin Guo, Shiyun Mi, Qian Zhang
15:22 Mon Aug 7th R7 POSTER
S1313. Cold and hot subduction systems in the Andes: Insights from machine learning calculations of continental and oceanic heat flow in South America
Junjie Ji*, Qiuming Cheng, Yang Zhang
15:24 Mon Aug 7th R7 POSTER

S14 Geologic Forward Modeling

Daniel Tetzlaff (Westchase Software), Scott Bowman, Sergio Courtade (Schlumberger), Gerard Massonnat (Total Energies)

Tue Aug 8th R5 10:00:00

S1401. Stratigraphic forward modeling software package for research and education
Daniel Tetzlaff*
10:00 Tue Aug 8th R5 ORAL
S1403. Forward modeling and uncertainty analysis of depositional parameters to support the construction of uncertainty scenarios for probabilisticI modeling in a pre-salt area of the Santos Basin
Renato Kramberger Carvalho*, Olinto Gomes de Souza Junior , Caroline Rangel Sales , Mellissa Combas Baiense , Desiree Liechoscki de Paula Faria
10:20 Tue Aug 8th R5 ORAL
S1404. Stochastic Geological Reservoir Modeling based on Concurrent Multistage U-Net Generative Adversarial Network
Wenyao Fan*, Gang Liu, Qiyu Chen, Zhesi Cui
10:40 Tue Aug 8th R5 REMOTE ORAL
S1405. Singularity analysis of morphological and geothermal processes over the mid-ocean ridges
Qiuming Cheng*
11:00 Tue Aug 8th R5 ORAL
S1406. Numerical modeling of formation of a porphyry-copper ore shell: implications for the mechanism of metal enrichment
Fan Xiao*
11:20 Tue Aug 8th R5 ORAL
S1407. Can source area erodibility delay slab break-off signal in a depositional record: insight from stratigraphic forward modelling
Paul Baville*, Nevena Andrić Tomašević
11:40 Tue Aug 8th R5 ORAL
S1408. The control of porphyry magma cooling and crystallization process on mineralization: from the perspective of numerical simulation
Kaiqi Wang*, Fan Xiao
12:00 Tue Aug 8th R5 POSTER

S15 Spatial Association

Yongze Song (Curtin University, Australia), Qiuming Cheng (China University of Geosciences (Beijing), China)

Mon Aug 7th R9 14:40:00

S1501. A comparison of spatial prediction methods
Yongze Song*, Zehua Zhang, Peng Luo, Qiuming Cheng
14:40 Mon Aug 7th R9 REMOTE ORAL
S1502. a multiscale 3D geological model visualization method based on mesh simplification algorithm
Chen Genshen*, Gang Liu, Qiyu Chen
15:00 Mon Aug 7th R9 REMOTE ORAL
S1503. Sequence Alignment for Automated Drill Hole Correlation
Tom Buckle*, Hannah Hughes
15:20 Mon Aug 7th R9 POSTER

S17 Uncertainty Modeling

Florian Wellmann, Clare Bond

Wed Aug 9th R5 10:00:00

S1701. Uncertainty Analyses in Hydrogeology: Review and Applications to NAPL contamination
Rachid Ababou*, Juliette Chastanet, Jean-Marie Côme, Manuel Marcoux, Michel Quintard
10:00 Wed Aug 9th R5 ORAL
S1702. Spectral Methods for Stochastic Surrogate Modeling of Subsurface Flow Dynamics
Tarek Diaa-Eldeen*, Morten Hovd, Carl Fredrik Berg
10:20 Wed Aug 9th R5 ORAL
S1703. Quantifying CO2 Leakage Uncertainty for Planning Safe Geological Carbon Storages
Sofia Mantilla Salas*, David Zhen, Markus Zechner, Yizheng Wang, Jonas Kloeckner, Jef Caers
10:40 Wed Aug 9th R5 ORAL
S1704. Bayesian uncertainty quantification in pore-scale imaging: how to robustly infer porous media morphological properties through reactive inverse problems?
Sarah Perez*, Philippe Poncet
11:00 Wed Aug 9th R5 ORAL
S1705. Conditional Facies Sampling using Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Model
Oscar Ovanger*, Daesoo Lee
11:20 Wed Aug 9th R5 ORAL
S1706. Fractal simulation method and application of oil and gas resource abundance
Qiulin Guo*, Jingdu Yu, Hongjia Ren, Qian Zhang, Shiyun Mi
11:40 Wed Aug 9th R5 ORAL
S1707. Uncertainty propagation in deep Gaussian process networks
Ítalo Gonçalves*
14:00 Wed Aug 9th R5 ORAL
S1708. Implicit Modelling with GemPy and Spatial Uncertainty Reduction of Potential Nuclear Waste Storage Sites
Carlos Colombo*, Florian Wellmann
14:20 Wed Aug 9th R5 ORAL
S1709. Basin modeling informed Bayesian Networks to update pore pressure prediction with data while drilling
Josue Sa da Fonseca*, Tapan Mukerji
14:40 Wed Aug 9th R5 REMOTE ORAL
S1710. Rigid Transformations in Lower-Dimensional Space for Subsurface Uncertainty Quantification and Interpretation
Ademide. O. Mabadeje*, Michael J. Pyrcz
15:00 Wed Aug 9th R5 ORAL
S1711. Development of the Transition Risk Analysis Model (TRAM) for Uncertainty Quantification of the Financial Impact of a Carbon-Intensive Company
Soeun Yoon*, Seoyoung Jung, Minchul Jang, Jaehak Hwang, Baehyun Min
15:20 Wed Aug 9th R5 POSTER

S18 Marginal Seas Dynamics and Modeling

Jan Harff (University of Szczecin), Joanna Joanna Dudzińska-Nowak (University of Szczecin), Wenyan Zhang (Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon, Germany)

Mon Aug 7th R8 10:00:00

S1801. Hydro-eco-morphodynamics in coastal systems
Wenyan Zhang*, Peter Arlinghaus
10:00 Mon Aug 7th R8 REMOTE ORAL
S1802. The 4F numerical model – a solution for past reconstructions and future simulations of coastal dynamics
Jerzy J. Frydel*
10:20 Mon Aug 7th R8 ORAL
S1803. Automatic classification of coastline and prediction of change - an exemplary study for the North Sea and Baltic Sea
Peter Arlinghaus*, David Pogorzelski, Wenyan Zhang, Corinna Schrum
10:40 Mon Aug 7th R8 ORAL
S1804. Holocene paleogeographic reconstruction of the Baltic Sea – data collection, synthesis and modeling
Jakub Miluch*, Wenyan Zhang, Łukasz Maciąg, Peter Arlinghaus, Celine Denker, Labiqa Zahid
11:00 Mon Aug 7th R8 REMOTE ORAL
S1805. Long term monitoring of Southern Baltic Sea, Poland, for future use in modeling
Rachel Jankowski*, Joanna Dudzińska-Nowak
11:20 Mon Aug 7th R8 REMOTE ORAL
S1806. A Model area for marginal sea research - the Beibu Gulf, South China Sea
Jan Harff*, Ryszard K. Borowka, Peter Feldens, Hongjun Chen, Joanna Dudzińska-Nowak, Andreas Groh, Tao Jiang, Łukasz Maciąg, Jakub Miluch, Andrzej Osadczuk, Krystyna Osadczuk, Ping Xiong, Jinpeng Zhang, Wenyan Zhang
11:40 Mon Aug 7th R8 ORAL
S1807. Modeling Regional Sedimentary Sequence in the North of South China Sea in Late Pleistocene
Jinpeng Zhang*, Yufeng Wang, Shiming Dong, Wenbo Du, Joanna Dudzinska-Nowak, Yuan Cheng
14:00 Mon Aug 7th R8 REMOTE ORAL
S1808. Modelling of anthropogenic influenced estuarine evolution by using data-driven modelling approach, case study at the Lingding Bay (Pearl River Estuary)
Hongze Yu*, Junjie Deng, Jingyu Hu
14:20 Mon Aug 7th R8 ORAL
S1809. Temporal and Spatial Evolution and Numerical Simulation of Sandy Shoreline – A Case Study of Eastern Coast of Laizhou Bay, China
Ke Mu*, Jun Liu, Xuelu Gao, Yanfang Li, Dong Li, Sandra Donnici, Luigi Tosi, Cheng Tang
14:40 Mon Aug 7th R8 REMOTE ORAL
S1810. Holocene sedimentary distribution and morphological characteristics reworked by the East Asian monsoon dynamics in the Mekong River area, South Vietnam shelf
Xiao Wang*
15:00 Mon Aug 7th R8 REMOTE ORAL
S1811. Sedimentary characteristics of seamount-related contourite features at Changjun Seamount in the Beikang Bain, southern South China Sea
Zijun Liang*, Hui Chen, Shan Liu, Ming Su
15:20 Mon Aug 7th R8 POSTER
S1812. Ocean Singularity Analysis and Global Heat Flow Prediction Based on Similarity Method
Yang Zhang*, Junjie Ji, Qiuming Cheng
15:22 Mon Aug 7th R8 POSTER
S1813. Summer flow dynamic characteristics of western boundary currents in the northwestern South China Sea
Hongtao Mai*, Hui Chen, Dongxiao Wang
15:24 Mon Aug 7th R8 POSTER
S1814. Dynamics of the southern Baltic Sea coastline changes
Joanna Dudzińska-Nowak*
15:26 Mon Aug 7th R8 POSTER

Tue Aug 8th R8 14:40:00

S1815. An integrated risk assessment of coastal erosion based on fuzzy set theory along Guangdong coast, southeaster China
Shilong Luo*
14:40 Tue Aug 8th R8 REMOTE ORAL

S19 Reservoir Geostatistics for Geo-Energy Applications

Juliana Leung (University of Alberta), Sanjay Srinivasan (Pennsylvania State University), Baehyun Min (Ewha Womans University)

Mon Aug 7th R3 10:00:00

S1901. Simulating Fracture Networks Using Sequential Gaussian Simulation, LightGBM, and Deep Learning Approaches for Geological Data from Kazakhstan
Timur Merembayev*, Yerlan Amanbek
10:00 Mon Aug 7th R3 ORAL
S1902. Spatial Copula Simulation for the Sweet-Spots Mapping of Shale gas Resources: A Case Study
Qian Zhang*, Shiyun Mi, Zhixin Wen, Zhaoming Wang
10:20 Mon Aug 7th R3 ORAL
S1903. A Recursively Enhanced GRU Model for Real-Time Production Forecasting in Central Montney Shale Gas Reservoirs
Ziming Xu*, Juliana Leung
10:40 Mon Aug 7th R3 ORAL
S1904. Efficient Design of Warm-VAPEX using a Neural Network Coupled with a Multi-objective Optimization Algorithm Under Geological Uncertainty at an Oilsands Reservoir
Seoyoon Kwon*, Juliana Y. Leung, Baehyun Min
11:00 Mon Aug 7th R3 ORAL
S1905. Performance Evaluation on CO2 Carbonated Water-Alternating-Gas on Enhanced Oil Recovery and Geological Carbon Storage
Minsoo Ji*, Seoyoon Kwon, Byungin Choi, Baehyun Min
11:20 Mon Aug 7th R3 ORAL
S1906. Prediction method of oil and gas resources spatial distribution based on Bayesian network
Qiulin Guo, Hongjia Ren, Jingdu Yu*
11:40 Mon Aug 7th R3 ORAL
S1907. Conversion of a Depleted Gas Field into a Geological CO2 Storage Site: A Case Study of the Donghae-1 Gas Field, Republic of Korea
Suin Choi*, Seoyoon Kwon, Minsoo Ji, Min Kim, Baehyun Min
12:00 Mon Aug 7th R3 POSTER
S1908. Data cross-validation technique to improve the accuracy of geological model in terms of reservoir properties prediction
Elena Kharyba*, Stefan Stankovic, Leonid Stulov, Vladimir Miroshkin, Rustam Gaynanshin
12:02 Mon Aug 7th R3 POSTER

S22 Flow simulations in geo-energy applications and gas storage

Francesca Watson (SINTEF Digital), Elyes Ahmed

Thu Aug 10th R9 10:00:00

S2201. Use of hybrid mesh for flow simulations: application on a North Sea CO2 storage study
Margaux Raguenel*, Antoine Mazuyer, Wan-Chiu Li, Cédric Borgese
10:00 Thu Aug 10th R9 ORAL
S2202. Rapid Prototyping of Subsurface CO2 Sequestration with Flow Diagnostics
Dmytro Petrovskyy, Sebastian Geiger, Carl Jacquemyn*, Matthew D Jackson, Gary J Hampson, Julio D Machado Silva, Sicilia Judice, Fazilatur Rahman, Mario Costa Sousa
10:20 Thu Aug 10th R9 ORAL
S2203. How good can graph distances approximate flow and transport simulations in faulted aquifers?
Guillaume Pirot*, Kerry Bardot, Mark W Jessell, Jim McCallum
10:40 Thu Aug 10th R9 ORAL
S2204. Fast Modeling of Fault Leakage during CO2 Storage
Hariharan Ramachandran, Florian Doster*, Sebastian Geiger
11:00 Thu Aug 10th R9 ORAL
S2205. Sparsified coarse-scale operators for multiscale methods
Omar Chaabi*, Mohammed Al Kobaisi
11:20 Thu Aug 10th R9 ORAL
S2206. Learning the Solution Operator of Flux Functions for the Parametric Transport Equation in Porous Media Using Physics-Informed DeepONet
Waleed Diab*, Mohammed Al Kobaisi
13:40 Thu Aug 10th R9 ORAL
S2211. Adaptive Timestepping, Linearization, and A Posteriori Error Control for Multiphase Flow of Immiscible Fluids in Porous Media with Wells
Elyes Ahmed*, Øystein Klemetsdal, Xavier Raynaud, Olav Møyner, Halvor M. Nilsen
14:00 Thu Aug 10th R9 ORAL
Updated from: 12:00 AM Thu Aug 10th R9 ORAL
S2208. Value of seismic monitoring of CO2 storage in a multi-layer stratigraphic system
Geetartha Dutta*, Jo Eidsvik
14:20 Thu Aug 10th R9 ORAL

S23 Automated Lithology

Kurt Aasly, Eric Pirard (University of Liège - GeMMe)

Thu Aug 10th R7 10:00:00

S2301. Quantification of heavy metals in mine tailing blended cementitious samples
Anne Mette T. Bagger*, Stefanie Lode, Wolfgang Kunther, Pernille E. Jensen
10:00 Thu Aug 10th R7 ORAL
S2302. Combination of automated mineralogy and X-ray computed tomography for the 3D characterization of ore samples.
Florian Buyse*, Stijn Dewaele, Matthieu Boone, Veerle Cnudde
10:20 Thu Aug 10th R7 ORAL
S2303. Automated mineralogy using LIBS and deep learning
Simon Nachtergaele*, Christian Burlet, Renata Barros, Sophie Verheyden, Jean-Marc Baele, Severine Papier, Anca Croitor, Hassan Bouzahzah, Eric Pirard
10:40 Thu Aug 10th R7 ORAL
S2304. Improved mineralogy from multivariate analysis of data from the Orelog spectrometric logging tool measured at the Erzberg iron ore deposits (Austria)
Manuel Queisser*, Matthew Tudor, Thomas Heinig, Alexander Domula, Jens Schubert, Horst Märten, Alfred Stadtschnitzer
11:00 Thu Aug 10th R7 ORAL
S2305. Lithofacies Classification for In-situ Leaching Uranium Mining Deposits using Machine Learning Algorithms
Timur Merembayev*, Yerlan Amanbek
11:20 Thu Aug 10th R7 ORAL

S24 Real Options in Geosciences

Verena Hagspiel (NTNU), Milan Stanko, Luis Martinez Tipe

Wed Aug 9th R8 10:00:00

S2401. Valuing an open pit mine as a portfolio of European call options: assessing the effext of metal price and metal grade uncertainties in an open pit gold mine
Luis Martinez Tipe*
10:00 Wed Aug 9th R8 ORAL
S2402. Practical application of real options valuation: a case for deep-sea mining activities on the Norwegian continental shelf
Farida Mustafina*, Verena Hagspiel
10:20 Wed Aug 9th R8 ORAL
S2403. The value of flexibility in geothermal energy investments: an environmental impact driven real options analysis
Spyridon Gkousis*, Kris Welkenhuysen, Tine Compernolle
10:40 Wed Aug 9th R8 REMOTE ORAL
S2404. A Monte Carlo and decision tree approach to Real Options Analysis for CO2 capture and storage
Kris Welkenhuysen, Alejandra Tovar, Tine Compernolle, Kris Piessens*
11:00 Wed Aug 9th R8 ORAL
S2405. Investment planning under uncertainty: a multi-objective real options analysis of offshore platform electrification
Olga Noshchenko*, Verena Hagspiel
11:20 Wed Aug 9th R8 ORAL
S2406. Decision-support methods for early-phase design of offshore oil and gas fields using model-based optimization and uncertainty quantification
Milan Stanko*
11:40 Wed Aug 9th R8 ORAL

S25 Multiple Point Statistics

Jacob Skauvold (Norwegian Computing Center), Håkon Tjelmeland (NTNU)

Thu Aug 10th R5 10:00:00

S2501. 2D Stochastic Structural Geomodeling with Deep Generative Adversarial Networks
Charlie Garayt*, Nicolas DESASSIS, Samy BLUSSEAU, Jean LANGANAY, Pierre-Marie GIBERT, Thomas ROMARY
10:00 Thu Aug 10th R5 ORAL
S2503. Quantifying verbatim copy in MPS simulations using location Maps
Mathieu Gravey*
10:20 Thu Aug 10th R5 ORAL
S2504. Reconstructing 3D Overthrust Model by Multiple-point Statistics and Fully Connected Networks Constrained with Geological Knowledge
Hou Weisheng*, Yanhua Li, Shuwan Ye, Songhua Yang
10:40 Thu Aug 10th R5 ORAL

S26 Compositional Data Analysis

Juan Jose Egozcue (Technical University of Catalonia), Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn (University of Girona)

Thu Aug 10th R7 13:40:00

S2601. Exploring Hierarchical Clustering of Compositional Variables
Josep Antoni Martin-Fernandez*, Valentino Di Donato, Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn, Juan Jose Egozcue
13:40 Thu Aug 10th R7 ORAL
S2602. Geographically weighted regression for compositional data (GWR-CoDA): An application to a geochemical data
Takahiro Yoshida*, Daisuke Murakami, Hajime Seya, Narumasa Tsutsumida, Tomoki Nakaya
14:00 Thu Aug 10th R7 ORAL
S2603. First-order compositional differential equations in geochemistry: a compositional linear model for world oil characterization
Eusebi Jarauta-Bragulat*, Carme Hervada-Sala, Jose Gibergans-Baguena
14:20 Thu Aug 10th R7 ORAL
S2604. Principal component analysis for distributional data with application to particle size distributions
Ivana Pavlů*, K. Gerald van den Boogaart, Raimon Tolosana-Delgado, Jitka Machalová, Karel Hron
14:40 Thu Aug 10th R7 ORAL

S27 AI and Geostatistics

Jo Eidsvik (NTNU)

Thu Aug 10th R5 11:00:00

S2701. AI and Geostatistics: Similarities, Differences and Opportunities
Dionysios Christopoulos
11:00 Thu Aug 10th R5 ORAL
S2702. Some considerations on the usage of compositional data in artificial intelligence
Raimon Tolosana Delgado*
11:20 Thu Aug 10th R5 ORAL
S2703. Deep autoregressive diffusion models for facies simulation
Lukas Mosser*
13:40 Thu Aug 10th R5 ORAL
S2704. Applications of Machine Learning in Geophysical Frontiers
Ajeet Ram Pathak*, Anne C. Elster, Ole Jakob Mengshoel
14:00 Thu Aug 10th R5 ORAL
S2705. A Spatial-statistical model to analyse historical rutting data
Natoya O.A.S. Jourdain*, Ingelin Steinlsland, Mamoona Birkhez Shami, Alex Klein-Paste, Dagfin Gryteselv, Doreen Siebert
14:20 Thu Aug 10th R5 ORAL
S2706. Using AUV to measure high gradient zones in a river plume
André Julius Hovd Olaisen*
14:40 Thu Aug 10th R5 ORAL
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