Instruction for Authors

Short Abstracts

Short abstracts are 250-500 words plain text without references or images. Unicode Characters and Latex formulas are possible. We expect 3-5 keywords.

Long Abstracts

Long Abstracts are 3-5 pages are submitted in pdf format and need to follow the precise templates provided:


Slides need to be uploaded ahead of the conference in pdf, ppt, pptx, or odp format. For other formats please contact the office with example files way ahead of time. The projectors will use 16/9 format (please check). There will be no slide template provided.


All presentations are in English. To ensure a high standard of presentations, please train your presentation before. Standard oral presentations are 14minutes plus 5 minutes of discussion. Allowing for 1min of transition and announcements. Invited speakers will be informed about the length of their slots.


The format of the posters will be announced here.
Coming soon.


EMS Energy Insitute, Penn State University

John and Willie Leone Familty Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering

Department of Metereological Sciences at Penn State

Penn State Institute of Energy and the Environment