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This programme schedule is tentative and will be regularly updated during the conference.
ORAL: Oral Contribution (typically 14min + 4min Discussion)
POSTER: Poster Contribution (1-2min Teaser ORAL presentation+Poster Session later)
ANY: Change to ORAL proposed to contribution on the ORAL waiting list
R1-R7: Rooms

S00 Plenary Session

Sanjay Srinivasan

Mon Aug 12th PH 3+4 13:20:00

S0002. Karst aquifer modeling, state of the art and challenges
Philippe Renard*
13:20 Mon Aug 12th PH 3+4 KEYNOTE
Updated from: 01:00 PM Mon Aug 12th PH 3+4 KEYNOTE

Tue Aug 13th PH 3+4 08:30:00

S0003. Object Oriented Spatial Statistics: an approach to the analysis of georeferenced complex data
Alessandra Menafoglio*
08:30 Tue Aug 13th PH 3+4 KEYNOTE
S0004. Geo-information extraction and integration in support of mineral exploration
Wenlei Wang*
13:00 Tue Aug 13th PH 3+4 KEYNOTE

Wed Aug 14th PH 3+4 08:30:00

S0006. Driving Transformations in the Energy Industry: Convergence of Emerging Technologies with Mathematical Geoscience
Susan M. Agar
08:30 Wed Aug 14th PH 3+4 KEYNOTE
S0005. Simple models for complex problems: a lighthearted examination of my attempts at Earth system modeling
Lee Kump*
13:00 Wed Aug 14th PH 3+4 KEYNOTE

Thu Aug 15th PH 3+4 08:30:00

S0007. Outliers and compositional data
Peter Filzmoser*, Karel Hron, Matthias Templ
08:30 Thu Aug 15th PH 3+4 KEYNOTE
S0008. Compositional data in geostatistics. A log-ratio based framework to analyze regionalized compositions.
Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn*, Juan Jose Egozcue
13:00 Thu Aug 15th PH 3+4 KEYNOTE

S01 Classical Geostatistics

Ricardo A. Olea (US Geological Survey)

Mon Aug 12th 205 16:30:00

S0111. Geostatistical analysis and integration of soil chemistry data with remote sensing information in the Greater Sudbury Area
Phathutshedzo Molly Nethavhani*, Leonardo Feltrin
16:30 Mon Aug 12th 205 POSTER
S0112. Mapping the change of effective permeabilities of Black Creek coal in response to coalbed gas production
C. Özgen Karacan*, Ricardo A. Olea
16:33 Mon Aug 12th 205 POSTER

Tue Aug 13th 204 10:00:00

S0101. On defense of classical geostatistics
Ricardo A. Olea
10:00 Tue Aug 13th 204 ORAL
S0102. Application of the geostatistical method of spectral modeling to the problem of geosteering of horizontal wells
Niyaz Ismagilov*, Anna Rotaru, Evgenii Varzegov, Vitaly Koryabkin
Cancelled: 10:20 Tue Aug 13th 204 ORAL
S0106. Accuracy improvement of geostatistical metal content modeling in hydrothermal deposits considering geologic constraint and scaling law
Katsuaki Koike*, Takuya Kiriyama, Mohamad N. Heriawan
10:20 Tue Aug 13th 204 ORAL
Updated from: 11:40 AM Tue Aug 13th 204 ORAL
S0103. 3D Geostatistical Modeling and Data Integration for Metal Contents and Accumulation Mechanism in a Seafloor Hydrothermal Field
Vitor Riveiro de Sa*, Katsuaki Koike, Tada-nori Goto, Tatsuo Nozaki, Toru Yamasaki, Yutaro Takaya
10:40 Tue Aug 13th 204 ORAL
S0104. Integrating Unconventional Geologic and Engineering Data into a Geocellular Model: A Case Study from a Marcellus Formation Field, Appalachian Basin
Kathryn Tamulonis*
11:00 Tue Aug 13th 204 ORAL
S0110. Simulation of intrinsic random fields of order k with a spectral turning-bands algorithm
Daisy Arroyo, Xavier Emery
14:00 Tue Aug 13th 204 ORAL
Updated from: 02:40 PM Tue Aug 13th 204 ORAL
S0108. Wall scale analysis of weathering feature distribution across a sandstone façade
Brian Johnston*, Jennifer McKinley, Patricia Warke
14:20 Tue Aug 13th 204 ORAL
S0107. Sparse Factorial Kriging Analysis: Towards an interpretable approach to multivariate geostatistics
Oscar Garcia-Cabrejo*
14:40 Tue Aug 13th 204 ORAL
Updated from: 02:00 PM Tue Aug 13th 204 ORAL

S02 Classical Statistics

Karel Hron (Palacky University Olomouc), K. Gerald van den Boogaart (Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology)

Wed Aug 14th 204 10:00:00

S0201. Imbalance data logistic regression for mineral prospectivity mapping
liheng chang*, Qiuming Cheng
Cancelled: 10:00 Wed Aug 14th 204 ORAL
S0202. Building Reservoir and Wellbore-based Earth Models in the Presence of Missing values in Unconventional Resource Plays; An Integration of Classic Statistics, Spatial Statistics, and Machine Learning
Jeffrey Yarus, Elham Mohsenian, Melanie Adelman
10:20 Wed Aug 14th 204 ORAL
S0203. A knowledge base of deep time to assimilate multi-disciplinary datasets in the study of co-evolving geosphere and biosphere
Xiaogang Ma*
10:40 Wed Aug 14th 204 ORAL
S0204. Regional and exhaustive French seismic catalogues
Corentin Gouache*, François Bonneau, Pierre Tinard
11:00 Wed Aug 14th 204 ORAL
S0205. Quantitative Stratigraphic Correlation Method Based on RASC Model and Time Series Analysis
Gang Liu*, Aihua Yuan, Qiyu Chen, Yao Ding
Cancelled: 11:20 Wed Aug 14th 204 ORAL
S0206. Complete shale anisotropy characterization integrating prior information with sonic measurements in a Bayesian framework
Cheolkyun Jeong*, Jeroen Jocker, Adam Donald
11:40 Wed Aug 14th 204 ORAL

S03 Compositional Data Analysis

Josep Antoni (J.A.) Martín-Fernández (University of Girona)

Mon Aug 12th 205 16:40:00

S0307. Geochemical anomaly identification based on log-ratio transformation and mixture distribution
Wenlei Wang*, Xiangchong Liu, Pingping Yu
16:40 Mon Aug 12th 205 POSTER
S0308. Hydrogeochemical characteristics of high arsenic groundwater in Datong Basin under the effect of colloids
Zhiqiang Wang*
16:43 Mon Aug 12th 205 POSTER
S0309. Multivariate analysis of petroleum systems in south Texas, USA
Ricardo A. Olea*, Josep Antoni (J.A.) Martín-Fernández, Palma Jarboe, William H. Craddock
16:46 Mon Aug 12th 205 POSTER
S0310. Robust Bayesian inference using Bayes spaces
K. Gerald van den Boogaart*
16:49 Mon Aug 12th 205 POSTER

Thu Aug 15th 204 14:00:00

S0301. Analyzing changes in the geochemistry of fluvial sediments after dam construction using compositional regression with functional covariates
Karel Hron, Tomas Matys Grygar, Ondrej Babek, Renata Talska
14:00 Thu Aug 15th 204 ORAL
S0302. Exploring negative compositional correlations of geochemical data: Application of weighted symmetric coordinates
Mark Engle*, Karel Hron, Peter Filzmoser, Eva Fišerová
14:20 Thu Aug 15th 204 ORAL
S0303. Correlations, subcompositional coherence, and misinterpretations
Juan Jose Egozcue*, Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn, Hossein Molayemat
14:40 Thu Aug 15th 204 ORAL
S0305. Examining the influence of multivariate elemental factors on the geographical distribution of renal disease
Jennifer McKinley*, Ute Mueller, Peter M Atkinson, Ulrich Ofterdinger, Siobhan Cox, Damian Fogarty, Chloe Jackson
15:30 Thu Aug 15th 204 ORAL
S0306. Dealing with the original units for the estimates in compositional data analysis: the case of groundwater data in eastern part of Sonbhadra District, Uttar Pradesh, India
Josep Antoni (J.A.) Martín-Fernández*, N.J. Raju, Juan Jose Egozcue, Ricardo A. Olea, Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn
15:50 Thu Aug 15th 204 ORAL

S04 Fractal and Multifractal Modeling

Frits Agterberg

Mon Aug 12th 204 14:00:00

S0401. ArcFractal: An ArcGIS extension for processing geoscience data using fractal/multifractal model
Renguang Zuo*
Cancelled: 14:00 Mon Aug 12th 204 ORAL
S0402. Multifractal and drainage catchment basin modeling methods for mapping porphyry Cu-Mo mineralization associated geochemical anomaly in Gobi-desert covered area, Eastern Tianshan, China
Fan Xiao*, Kaiqi Wang, Jinwen Tian
Cancelled: 14:20 Mon Aug 12th 204 ORAL
S0404. Concentration-concentration (C-C) fractal model: a model to recognize the geochemical anomalies of target elements based on their paragenesis concentrations
Behnam Sadeghi*, David Cohen
Cancelled: 15:30 Mon Aug 12th 204 ORAL
S0405. Phenomenological models of frequency-independent Q seismic attenuation behavior using fractal mechanical networks
Guangchi Xing*, Tieyuan Zhu
15:50 Mon Aug 12th 204 ORAL
S0403. Modelling the singular mineralization process due to fluid pressure fluctuations
Yihui Xiong*, Renguang Zuo
16:10 Mon Aug 12th 204 ORAL
Updated from: 02:40 PM Mon Aug 12th 204 ORAL

Mon Aug 12th 205 17:00:00

S0407. Concentration-Distance from Centroids (C-DC) multi-fractal model: a model to recognize geochemical anomalies based on the distance of samples from the known mineralization areas
Behnam Sadeghi*, David Cohen
Cancelled: 17:00 Mon Aug 12th 205 POSTER
S0408. Quantitative structural analysis of ore field by GIS-based methods
Jie Zhao*, Wenlei Wang, Qiuming Cheng
Cancelled: 17:03 Mon Aug 12th 205 POSTER
S0409. Selecting the most robust geochemical classification model using the balance between the geostatistical precision and sensitivity
Behnam Sadeghi, David Cohen*
Cancelled: 17:06 Mon Aug 12th 205 POSTER

S05 Geohydrology

Jaime Gómez-Hernández (Universitat Politècnica de València)

Mon Aug 12th 206 14:00:00

S0501. Multiscale Global Optimization with Automatic Transform Coefficient Selection for Coarse-Scale Reservoir Parameter Estimation
Abeeb Awotunde*
Cancelled: 14:00 Mon Aug 12th 206 ORAL
S0502. The Third Principle of Water Flow in Soils
Li Guo, Henry Lin*, Li Feng
14:20 Mon Aug 12th 206 ORAL
S0503. Non-invasive estimation of root water content by ground-penetrating radar
Xinbo Liu, Li Guo*, Henry Lin
14:40 Mon Aug 12th 206 ORAL
S0504. A novel approach for well placement in groundwater management: extremal optimization
Fleford Redoloza*, Liangping Li
15:00 Mon Aug 12th 206 ORAL
Updated from: 03:30 PM Mon Aug 12th 206 ORAL
S0505. Statistical analysis and simulation of conduit dimensions within karstic systems
Yves Frantz*, Pauline Collon, Philippe Renard, Sophie Viseur
15:50 Mon Aug 12th 206 ORAL
S0506. Effects of Different Inter-phase Mass Transfer Processes on Structural Trapping and Attenuation of Gaseous Carbon Dioxide in Shallow Aquifers
Michael Plampin*, Jakub Solovský, Radek Fučík, Tissa H. Illangasekare, Jirí Mikyška
16:10 Mon Aug 12th 206 ORAL

S06 Geoinformatics

Jeffrey Yarus (Halliburton)

Mon Aug 12th 205 17:15:00

S0605. Distribution patterns of geochemical elements based on sparse principal component analysis in coverage area of Jining, Inner Mongolia China
Haicheng Wang*
17:15 Mon Aug 12th 205 POSTER
S0606. Analysis on indicator significance of ore-controlling faults based on remote sensing alteration in Pulang porphyry copper deposit
Qi Chen, Zhifang Zhao, Shihui Zeng, Wenjie Feng
17:18 Mon Aug 12th 205 POSTER
S0607. Application of Geoscience Data Mining Technology in Stratabound Deposits: A Case Study of a Lead-Zinc Mine in Western Guangdong province, China
Le Gao*
17:21 Mon Aug 12th 205 POSTER
S0608. Remote Sensing Prospecting Model for Weathered Crust Leaching Rare Earth Deposits: A Case Study of A Rare Earth Mining Area in Southwestern Yunnan Province, China
Zhifang Zhao*, Zewei Pan, Qi Chen, Shucheng Tan, Xiaomin Cao
17:24 Mon Aug 12th 205 POSTER
S0610. GeoBeam: A Distributed Computing Framework for Spatial Data
He Zhenwen*
Cancelled: 17:30 Mon Aug 12th 205 POSTER
S0611. Spectral and spatial joint downscaling method of multi-spectral satellite imagery with geologic applications
Nguyen T. Hoang, Katsuaki Koike*, Shuho Noda, Yukie Asano, Yuu Kawakami, Kazuo Masuda
17:33 Mon Aug 12th 205 POSTER
S0612. Posterior Logit Model Prospecting Method for Quantitative Data
Luping Pu
17:36 Mon Aug 12th 205 POSTER

Thu Aug 15th 207 10:00:00

S0601. Identification of geochemical anomalies by metric learning methods
Ziye Wang*, Yanni Dong, Renguang Zuo
10:00 Thu Aug 15th 207 ORAL
S0602. Spatial Analysis of Rockfall-prone Areas in the Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg Park
Shivasthi Gangsaran, Emmanuel John Carranza*
10:20 Thu Aug 15th 207 ORAL
S0603. Towards the application of Stokes flow equations to structural restoration simulations
Melchior Schuh-Senlis, Paul Cupillard*, Guillaume Caumon
10:40 Thu Aug 15th 207 ORAL
S0604. Application of Reinforcement Learning and Stochastic Optimization for Well Location Optimization
Kshitij Dawar*, Sanjay Srinivasan, Mort D Webster
11:00 Thu Aug 15th 207 ORAL
S0609. The Analog Ensemble Search Space Extension: Statistical Performance and Spatial Variations in Performance
Laura Clemente-Harding*, Guido Cervone, Martina Calovi, Brendon Hoch, Weiming Hu, Steven Peckham
11:20 Thu Aug 15th 207 ORAL

S07 Geometry and Topology in Geosciences

Guillaume Caumon (Université de Lorraine)

Thu Aug 15th 207 14:00:00

S0701. Topological analysis of geological models via persistent homology
Rustem R.R. Gilmanov *, Alexander Kalyuzhnyuk, Iskander I.A. Taimanov, Andrey A.A. Yakovlev
14:00 Thu Aug 15th 207 ORAL
S0702. On the algorithmic creation of geologically consistent surface-based models using a set of logic operations defined on continuous surfaces
Julio Machado Silva*, Clarissa Coda Marques, Felipe Moura de Carvalho, Sicilia Judice, Mario Costa Sousa, Margaret Rood, Carl Jacquemyn, Gary Hampson, Matthew Jackson, Dmytro O. Petrovskyy, Sebastian Geiger
14:20 Thu Aug 15th 207 ORAL
S0703. Spatial Agents for geological surface modelling
Eric deKemp*
14:40 Thu Aug 15th 207 ORAL
S0704. Integrating geological interpretations to implicit geological modeling with the potential field method
Laure Pizzella*, Christian Lajaunie, Gabriel Courrioux, Simon Lopez, Xavier Freulon, Bernard Bourgine
15:30 Thu Aug 15th 207 ORAL
S0705. Semantic Mapping of 3D Hydrostratigraphic Models
Boyan Brodaric*, Karine Bedard, Eric Boisvert
15:50 Thu Aug 15th 207 ORAL

S08 Geophysical Data Processing, Interpretation and Machine Learning

Weichang Li (Aramco Research Center - Houston), Tieyuan Zhu (The Pennsylvania State University)

Mon Aug 12th 205 17:54:00

S0806. Impact of geophysical data compositing on the resulting autonomously generated 3D spatial models
Mehala Balamurali*, Arman Melkumyan, John Zigman
17:54 Mon Aug 12th 205 POSTER
S0812. Adaptive Suppression of Erratic and Coherent Noises via Rank Revealing and Vector Optimization Methods
Weichang Li*, Ke Chen, Ahmed Ferhan
17:55 Mon Aug 12th 205 POSTER
S0813. Research on Classification Algorithms of Fuzzy Concept Description
Xi Zhang*, Yu Xianchuan
Cancelled: 17:58 Mon Aug 12th 205 POSTER

Tue Aug 13th 207 10:00:00

S0801. Determination of frequency attributes of subsurface gas zone: A study using Hilbert-Huang transform
Vaibhav Jayaswal*, Gaurav Siddharth Gairola, Enamundram Chandrasekhar
10:00 Tue Aug 13th 207 ORAL
S0802. Inferring CO2 saturation level from multiple seismic attributes using machine learning techniques for leakage detection at sequestration sites
Zan Wang*, Robert M. Dilmore, Grant S. Bromhal, William P. Harbert
Cancelled: 10:20 Tue Aug 13th 207 ORAL
S0803. Seismic attenuation improves the understanding of hydrate saturation and the gas hydrate morphology in southern Hydrate Ridge
Aoshuang Ji*, Tieyuan Zhu, Héctor Marín-Moreno
10:20 Tue Aug 13th 207 ORAL
S0804. Geological unit identification from measure while drilling data with multi-step uncertainty and continuity based post-processing
Katherine L. Silversides*, Adrian Ball, Arman Melkumyan
10:40 Tue Aug 13th 207 ORAL
S0805. Stochastic stratigraphic correlation of multiple wells seen as a Directed Acyclic Graph creation problem
Guillaume Caumon*, Christophe Antoine
11:00 Tue Aug 13th 207 ORAL
S0807. Machine Learning for capturing uncertainty in facies classification – a North Falkland Basin study
Vasily Demyanov*, Julie Halotel, Dave McCarthy, Andy Gardiner
14:00 Tue Aug 13th 207 ORAL
S0808. Multiscale Deep Learning for Robust Detection and Classification of Geological Structure Elements from Seismic Data
Weichang Li*, Nourah AlRasheed
14:20 Tue Aug 13th 207 ORAL
S0809. Constraining geophysical inverse problems using unsupervised machine learning: Numerical strategies and application examples
Jiajia Sun*
Cancelled: 14:40 Tue Aug 13th 207 ORAL
S0810. Geologist-Level Wireline Log Shape Identification with Recurrent Neural Network (RNN)
Suihong Song*, Jiagen Hou, Luxing Dou, Xixin Wang, Yuming Liu
15:30 Tue Aug 13th 207 ORAL
S0811. Petrophysical Characterization of Vuggy Dolomite Reservoirs in the Kansas Arbuckle Formation using a Neural Network Machine Learning Approach
Tianqi Deng, Chicheng Xu*, Xiaozheng Lang, John Doveton
15:50 Tue Aug 13th 207 ORAL

S10 Coupled Modeling of Food, Water and Energy Systems

Madalyn S. Blondes (U.S. Geological Survey, Eastern Energy Resources Science Center)

Wed Aug 14th 207 10:00:00

S1001. Forest cover and ecological envelopes under climate change scenarios: a study case for Pinus pinaster in Portugal
Cristina Alegria, Natália Roque, MTD Albuquerque*, Saki Gerassis, Paulo Fernandez, Maria Margarida Ribeiro
10:00 Wed Aug 14th 207 ORAL
S1002. A regional climate model designed to test the hypothesis that increasing anthropogenic application of water is a major cause of current global warming
Ivan R Kennedy*, Migdat Hodzic
10:20 Wed Aug 14th 207 ORAL
S1003. Optimal Structure of Primary Energy Consumption Based on Multi-Factor Orthogonal Decomposition
Wei Yan*, Yuwen Chang
10:40 Wed Aug 14th 207 ORAL
S1004. Integrating produced water geochemistry and volumes into geostatistical Food-Energy-Water (FEW) and water stress models
Madalyn S. Blondes*, Mark Engle, Monica A. Dorning
11:00 Wed Aug 14th 207 ORAL
S1005. Classification and Regression within Spatial Fields: Application to Vegetation Dynamics
Sean A. McKenna*
11:20 Wed Aug 14th 207 ORAL
S1006. GeoNet: An automated geochemical network analysis with application to detecting stream water contamination
Amal Agarwal*, Tao Wen, Alex Chen, Lingzhou Xue, Susan Brantley
11:40 Wed Aug 14th 207 ORAL

S11 Machine Learning and Optimization Methods

Qiuming Cheng (China University of Geosciencs (Beijing), IUGS), Guoxiong Chen (China University of Geosciences)

Mon Aug 12th 207 10:20:00

S1101. Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making in Exploration
Susan M. Agar*, Lingxiao Jia, Xiaozheng Lang
10:20 Mon Aug 12th 207 ORAL
S1102. On Spatial Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Mikhail Kanevski*, Federico Amato, Fabian Guignard, Mohamed Laib
10:40 Mon Aug 12th 207 ORAL
S1103. Machine Learning Experiments on Mineralization Recognition with Hyperspectral and X-ray Fluorescence Data from Drill Core
Deyi Xu*, Yunxiao Zhuge, Zhijun Chen, Shuyun Xie
11:00 Mon Aug 12th 207 ORAL
S1104. A Data-Driven Modeling Workflow for Inferring Shale Barrier Configurations from Production Data: A Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage Application
Juliana Leung*, Jingwen Zheng, Ronald Sawatzky, Jose Alvarez Martinez
11:20 Mon Aug 12th 207 ORAL
S1105. Optimization of Infill Well Placement Using a Data-driven Multi-modal Convolutional Neural Network with Sequential Training
Baehyun Min*, Min-gon Chu, Seoyoon Kwon, Gayoung Park, Sungil Kim, Xuan Huy Nguyen
11:40 Mon Aug 12th 207 ORAL
S1106. Deep learning framework for updating high-order stochastic simulations with incoming production data
Ashish Kumar*, Roussos Dimitrakopoulos
14:20 Mon Aug 12th 207 ORAL
Updated from: 02:00 PM Mon Aug 12th 207 ORAL
S1107. Development of a Python Package for Learning-based Fast Forecast of Future Reservoir Performance
Youngju Kim*, Hoonyoung Jeong, Alexander Sun, Jonggeun Choe
14:40 Mon Aug 12th 207 ORAL
Updated from: 02:20 PM Mon Aug 12th 207 ORAL
S1109. Outlook of Deep Learning Applications in Upstream of Petroleum Industry
Li Dawei*, Zhou Xiangguang, Fan Changjiang
15:00 Mon Aug 12th 207 ORAL
Updated from: 02:40 PM Mon Aug 12th 207 ORAL

Tue Aug 13th 205 16:30:00

S1110. Spectral-spatial clustering of regionalized mixed data
Hassan Talebi*, Luk J.M Peeters, Ute Mueller, Raimon Tolosana-Delgado, K. Gerald van den Boogaart
16:30 Tue Aug 13th 205 POSTER
S1111. Mapping geological boundaries from potential field data using convolutional neural network
Guoxiong Chen*
Cancelled: 16:33 Tue Aug 13th 205 POSTER
S1112. Expanded Dimensionality for Image Spectroscopy via Machine Learning
Mark Salvador, Guido Cervone, Fangcao Xu*
16:36 Tue Aug 13th 205 POSTER
S1113. Quantum-Based Mineral Prospectivity Mapping
Leonardo Feltrin*, Martina Bertelli
16:39 Tue Aug 13th 205 POSTER

S12 Marine Geosciences: Coasts and Gateways

Jan Harff (University of Szczecin, Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Poland), Wenyan Zhang (Helmholtz-Zentrum, Institute of Coastal Research Geesthacht, Germany )

Mon Aug 12th 206 10:20:00

S1202. Source apportionment and source-to-sink transport of major and trace elements in coastal sediments: Combining positive matrix factorization and sediment trend analysis
Tao Li*
10:20 Mon Aug 12th 206 ORAL
S1203. Offshore pumping impacts onshore groundwater resources and land subsidence
Xuan Yu, Holly Michael*
10:40 Mon Aug 12th 206 ORAL
S1204. Effects of lateral river outflows and sediment supply on estuarine evolution - case study at Pearl River Estuary
Junjie Deng*, Jiaxue Wu, Qiangsheng Yao
Cancelled: 11:00 Mon Aug 12th 206 ORAL
S1205. Geometric modelling of the late Pleistocene delta in the Beibu Gulf, SW of Hainan Island, based on seismics and geostatistics
Jakub Miluch*, Andrzej Osadczuk, Peter Feldens, Jan Harff, Łukasz Maciąg, Hongjun Chen
11:20 Mon Aug 12th 206 ORAL

Tue Aug 13th 206 10:00:00

S1207. Improvement of prediction of plate cooling model for heat flow and floor depth over ocean ridges
Qiuming Cheng*
10:00 Tue Aug 13th 206 ORAL
S1208. The sub-fossil diatom distribution pattern and constraining oceanographic factors in the Beibu Gulf, NW South China Sea
Jinpeng ZHANG*, Andrzej Witkowski, Michal Tomczak, Chao Li, Zhen Xia
10:20 Tue Aug 13th 206 ORAL
S1209. Spatial variability and resources estimation of selected critical metals and rare earth elements in the surface sediments from the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone, equatorial Pacific Ocean, Interoceanmetal claim area
Lukasz Maciag, Dominik Zawadzki
10:40 Tue Aug 13th 206 ORAL
S1210. Decadal-to-seasonal coastal zone morphodynamic based on remote sensing aided research
Joanna Dudzinska-Nowak*
11:00 Tue Aug 13th 206 ORAL
S1211. Sea level and gateways: Examples from the Baltic Sea and the South China Sea
Jan Harff*, Andreas Groh, Joanna Dudzinska-Nowak, Andrzej Osadczuk, Jakub Miluch, Alar Rosentau, Ryszard K. Borowka, Hongjun Chen, Ping Xiong, Yugen Ni, Michal Tomczak, Yantao Yao, Jinpeng Zhang, Wenyan Zhang
11:20 Tue Aug 13th 206 ORAL

Tue Aug 13th 205 16:50:00

S1212. Characterising the relaxation distance of nearshore submarine morphology: a southern Baltic Sea case study
Junjie Deng, Jiaxue Wu, Wenyan Zhang, Joanna Dudzinska-Nowak, Jan Harff*
16:50 Tue Aug 13th 205 POSTER
Ping Xiong*, Jan Harff, Joanna Dudzinska-Nowak, Xinong Xie, Wenyan Zhang, Hongjun Chen, Hui Chen, Miluch Jakub, Feldens Peter, Maciąg Łukasz, Osadczuk Andrzej
16:53 Tue Aug 13th 205 POSTER
S1215. Holocene Paleo-Environmental Sediment-Proxies Parsing with Enhanced Principal Tensor Analysis
Sergey Kotov, Jan Harff*, Irina Kotova
16:56 Tue Aug 13th 205 POSTER

S14 Mining modeling

Jeff Boisvert (University of Alberta)

Mon Aug 12th 204 10:20:00

S1401. High-order Block-support Simulation, Application in the Production Optimization of a Gold Mining Complex and Comparisons
Joao Pedro de Carvalho*, Roussos Dimitrakopoulos
10:20 Mon Aug 12th 204 ORAL
S1402. Comprehensive information mineral resource prediction theory using machine learning and its applications
Yongzhi Wang*, Shicheng Wang, Jinxin He, Bo Liu, Ze Li, Weilong Yu, Yu Li
Cancelled: 10:40 Mon Aug 12th 204 ORAL
S1403. Recognition and validation of complex geochemical anomalies related to VMS mineral deposits in Sweden
Behnam Sadeghi, David Cohen*, Martiya Sadeghi
Cancelled: 11:00 Mon Aug 12th 204 ORAL
S1404. Displacement of CH4 by CO2 sequestration in Jharia Coalfield using EL and IAST
Mohammad Asif*, Paul Naveen , D.C. Panigrahi, Keka Ojha
11:20 Mon Aug 12th 204 ORAL
S1406. Stochastic Optimization of Stope Layouts
Brandon Wilson, Jeff Boisvert*
11:40 Mon Aug 12th 204 ORAL

Tue Aug 13th 205 17:10:00

Lawraine Lerato Mogashoa*, Leonardo Feltrin, Rasmus (R.H) Nielsen
17:10 Tue Aug 13th 205 POSTER

S15 Unconventional oil and gas resources modeling

Masa Prodanovic (The University of Texas at Austin), Hamid Emami-Meybodi (The Pennsylvania State University)

Tue Aug 13th 205 17:15:00

S1512. Predictive Performance of Play-Wide and Subarea Random Forest Models for Bakken Well Productivity
Emil D Attanasi*, Philip A Freeman, Timothy C Coburn
17:15 Tue Aug 13th 205 POSTER
S1513. Assessment on shale oil resources of the Yangchang Formation in Ordos Basin in China
Qiulin Guo, Man Zheng, Xiaoxue Liuzhuang
17:18 Tue Aug 13th 205 POSTER
S1514. Comparison between N2 and CO2 breakthrough in Enhanced Coalbed Methane Recovery from Jharia Coalfield
Mohammad Asif*, D.C. Panigrahi, Keka Ojha, D.P. Mishra
Cancelled: 17:21 Tue Aug 13th 205 POSTER

Wed Aug 14th 206 10:00:00

S1501. Bayesian Regression of the Laplace-Space Solution to the Double-Porosity Model
Eugene Morgan*, Xiong Lei
10:00 Wed Aug 14th 206 ORAL
S1502. A Parallel Multilevel Framework for Simulation of Multiphase Flow in Heterogeneous Porous Media using Unstructured Grids
Antoine Mazuyer*, Sergey Klevtsov, Andrea Franceschini, Herve Gross, Mohammad Karimi-Fard
10:20 Wed Aug 14th 206 ORAL
S1503. A Two-Phase Non-Linear One-Dimensional Flow Model for Reserves Estimation in Tight Oil Reservoirs using Scaling Principles.
Leopoldo Ruiz Maraggi*, Larry W. Lake, M.P. Walsh
10:40 Wed Aug 14th 206 ORAL
S1504. A mechanistic-statistical modeling approach to improve shale gas production forecasting by embracing physical ambiguity
Justin Montgomery*
11:00 Wed Aug 14th 206 ORAL
S1505. A Methodology for Predicting Spatial Distribution of Unconventional Resources using Geological Model Based Simulation with an Application to the Barnett Shale Play
Qian Zhang, Shiyun Mi*, Yonghua Wang
11:20 Wed Aug 14th 206 ORAL
S1506. Probabilistic assessment of abandoned mine methane resource potential
C. Özgen Karacan*, Peter D. Warwick
11:40 Wed Aug 14th 206 ORAL
S1507. Building Reservoir and Wellbore-based Earth Models in the Presence of Sparse Data in Unconventional Resource Plays; An Integration of Petroleum Systems Modeling and Geostatistics
Elham EM Mohsenian*, Jeffrey JM Yarus, Keshava KR Rangarajan, Melanie Adelman
14:00 Wed Aug 14th 206 ORAL
S1508. Simpson’s paradox in Evaluating and Developing Unconventional Resources
Zee Ma*, Christopher Dorion, Ernest Gomez
14:20 Wed Aug 14th 206 ORAL
S1509. Mapping Gas Production Forecasts Across the Marcellus via Kriging of Decline Curves
Zhenke Xi, Eugene Morgan, Shams Joon*
14:40 Wed Aug 14th 206 ORAL
S1510. Implications of Aggregating Daily Production Data on Estimates of Ultimate Recovery from Horizontal Hydraulically Fractured Bakken Oil Wells
Timothy C Coburn, Emil D Attanasi
15:30 Wed Aug 14th 206 ORAL
S1511. Characterization of Hydraulic Fractures during Flowback Using Rate Transient Analysis
Fengyuan Zhang*, Hamid Emami-Meybodi
15:50 Wed Aug 14th 206 ORAL

S18 Analysis, Simulation, and Optimization of Subsurface Systems

Mary F. Wheeler (The University of Texas at Austin)

Tue Aug 13th 206 14:00:00

S1801. Derivation of the physical meaning of the Koval factor
Jose Salazar*, Larry W. Lake
14:00 Tue Aug 13th 206 ORAL
S1802. A stochastic process-based model for a point bar geologic system
Ismael Dawuda*, Sanjay Srinivasan
14:20 Tue Aug 13th 206 ORAL
S1809. Uncertainty Introduced by Information Volume in Inverse Stratigraphic Modeling
Yanfeng Liu*, Taizhong Duan, Wenbiao Zhang
14:40 Tue Aug 13th 206 ORAL
S1805. Field development optimization using cooperative micro-particle swarm optimization
Joonyi Kim*, Byeongcheol Kang, Youngbin Ahn, Hoonyoung Jeong, Jonggeun Choe
15:30 Tue Aug 13th 206 ORAL
S1807. Towards a Searchable Digital Geological Repository: Tools for spatial textural analysis
Corey J Hoydic*
15:50 Tue Aug 13th 206 ORAL

Tue Aug 13th 205 17:30:00

S1803. History matching of a channelized gas reservoir using a serial denoising autoencoder coupled with ES-MDA
Baehyun Min*, Sungil Kim, Min-gon Chu, Seoyoon Kwon, Gayoung Park
17:30 Tue Aug 13th 205 POSTER
S1804. Inference of Heterogeneity and Estimation of Chamber Development in Thermal-/Solvent-Based Oil Recovery Processes : Integration of Machine Learning and Time-Series Data Analysis
Zhiwei Ma, Juliana Leung*
17:33 Tue Aug 13th 205 POSTER
S1808. Mechanism of earthquake initiation in the Tan-Lu Fault Zone, Eastern China
Zhuang Li*, Jie Li
17:36 Tue Aug 13th 205 POSTER
S1810. A method of constructing 3D geological framework model of urban shallow strata based on planar geological map
Gang Liu*, Xuechao Wu, Zhengping Weng, Qiyu Chen, Kunyu Tao
Cancelled: 17:42 Tue Aug 13th 205 POSTER

S19 Fracture Characterization and Modeling

Rajesh Goteti (Aramco Research Center)

Tue Aug 13th 205 17:55:00

S1906. Modeling 3D Geological Structures and Its Uncertainties Analysis in Metro Station Construction: A Case Study in Guangzhou, China
Xiuwen Chen, Weisheng Hou, Qiaochu Yang, Yongua Chen, Xiaodan Zhang, Hua Zhang, Chengjun Liu
17:55 Tue Aug 13th 205 POSTER
S1907. A Revised 3D Reconstruction and Structural Interpretation of Rouyn-Noranda, Abitibi Greenstone Belt
Sahibzada Hussain Ali*, Leonardo Feltrin, Taus Joergensen
17:58 Tue Aug 13th 205 POSTER

Wed Aug 14th 204 14:00:00

S1901. Mapping natural fracture networks using stochastic and machine learning approaches
Akshat Chandna*, Sanjay Srinivasas
14:00 Wed Aug 14th 204 ORAL
S1902. Flexible Discrete Fracture Network simulation using R or python
Francisco Mendoza Torres*
14:20 Wed Aug 14th 204 ORAL
S1903. A Bayesian Selection of Fractured Reservoir Models using Microseismic Data
Manik Singh, Sanjay Srinivasan*
14:40 Wed Aug 14th 204 ORAL
S1904. Prediction of Leakoff and Permeability Enhancement due to Shear Dilatancy of Natural Fractures Surrounding a Hydraulic Fracture.
Ahmed Mimouna*, Xiaowei Weng
Cancelled: 15:30 Wed Aug 14th 204 ORAL
S1905. Numerical modeling of the interaction between existing and hydraulically-created fractures using the Displacement Discontinuity Method
Gayani Gunarathna*, Bruno Gonçalves da Silva
15:50 Wed Aug 14th 204 ORAL

S20 Coupling Geomechanics and Flow Systems in Subsurface Applications

Sanghyun Lee (Department of Mathematics, Florida State University, United States of America)

Thu Aug 15th 206 14:00:00

S2001. Decoupling Flow and Mechanics in Modeling Carbon Storage in Porous Media
Mary F. Wheeler, Xueying Lu
14:00 Thu Aug 15th 206 ORAL
S2002. Fracture Propagation in Porous Media using Phase Field Approach
Sanghyun Lee*, Mary F. Wheeler
14:20 Thu Aug 15th 206 ORAL
S2003. Comparison of Two- and Three-field Formulation Discretizations for Flow and Solid Deformation in Heterogeneous Porous Media
Teeratorn Kadeethum*, Hamid M. Nick, Sanghyun Lee
14:40 Thu Aug 15th 206 ORAL
S2004. Stable Discretizations and Robust Solvers for the Three-Field Poroelastic Equations
James Adler*, Ludmil Zikatanov, Xiaozhe Hu, Peter Ohm
15:30 Thu Aug 15th 206 ORAL
S2005. Auxiliary space preconditioning for mixed finite element discretizations of Richards equation
Juan Batista*, Xiaozhe Hu, Ludmil Zikatanov
15:50 Thu Aug 15th 206 ORAL
S2006. Wave propagation in nonlinear elastic solids
Mallikarjunaiah Muddamallappa*, Jay R. Walton
16:10 Thu Aug 15th 206 ORAL

S21 Atmospheric and Earth System Science

Steven Greybush (The Pennsylvania State University)

Tue Aug 13th 205 18:05:00

MTD Albuquerque*, Maria Catarina R. Silva, Isabel Margarida H.R.Antunes
18:05 Tue Aug 13th 205 POSTER

Thu Aug 15th 206 10:00:00

S2101. Indicator-based data assimilation in an ensemble framework with localization to account for limited ensemble size
Devesh Kumar*, Sanjay Srinivasan
10:00 Thu Aug 15th 206 ORAL
S2102. Dealing with non-Gaussianity in Data Assimilation by Coulping Iterative Ensemble Smoother and Multiple-point Geostatistics
Liangping Li*, Zhendan Cao
10:20 Thu Aug 15th 206 ORAL
S2104. Anomaly shape inversion via model reduction and PSO
María Zulima Fernández Muñiz*, José Luis J.L. García Pallero, Juan Luis Fernández Martínez
10:40 Thu Aug 15th 206 ORAL
S2105. Harmonic and time correlation analysis of Vostok ice core data for using a machine learning approach to predicting climate fluctuations
Migdat Hodzic, Ivan R Kennedy
11:00 Thu Aug 15th 206 ORAL
S2106. Ecological modelling under climate change scenarios - a machine learning approach
MTD Albuquerque, Saki Gerassis, Natália Roque, Sílvia Ribeiro, Carlos Boente, Maria Margarida Ribeiro*
11:20 Thu Aug 15th 206 ORAL

S22 Multiple Point Statistics

R. Mohan Srivastava

Tue Aug 13th 205 18:10:00

S2207. High-performance multiple-point geostatistical simulation on the CPU-MIC hybrid system of Tianhe-2 supercomputer
Qiyu Chen*, Gang Liu, Xiaogang Ma
Cancelled: 18:10 Tue Aug 13th 205 POSTER

Thu Aug 15th 204 10:00:00

S2202. MPS-based 3D Structure Reconstruction with Thin Image(s)
Weisheng Hou*, Tiancheng Zheng, Hengguang Liu, Xiuwen Chen
10:00 Thu Aug 15th 204 ORAL
S2203. Estimating the distribution of the field for Multiple Point Statistics
K. Gerald van den Boogaart*, Sanga R. R. Salia, Raimon Tolosana Delgado
10:20 Thu Aug 15th 204 ORAL
S2204. Automatic parameterization of MPS algorithms by pattern-based analysis of the training image
Mathieu Gravey*, Gregoire Mariethoz
10:40 Thu Aug 15th 204 ORAL
S2205. High-Order Stochastic Simulation Through Statistical Learning and Kernel Hilbert Space Embedding
Lingqing Yao, Roussos Dimitrakopoulos, Michel Gamache
11:00 Thu Aug 15th 204 ORAL
S2206. Entropy of Multiple-point statistical models
Thomas Mejer Hansen*
11:20 Thu Aug 15th 204 ORAL
S0105. Non-colocational soft (uncertain) data integration in multiple-point statistical sequential simulation
Óli D. Jóhannsson*, Thomas Mejer Hansen
11:40 Thu Aug 15th 204 ORAL
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