Conference Chairmen

Sanjay Srinivasan
EMS Energy Institute
Penn State University
C-211 CUL
University Park PA 16802
Phone:(814) 863-9470
Fax:(814) 865-3248
sanjays(not here)(not here)@(not here)psu(not here).(not here)edu(not here)

Conference Office

IAMG2019 conference office
c/o Regina(not here) van den Boogaart
Balthasar-(not here)Rößler-Str.(not here) 58
09599(not here) Freiberg
(not here) GERMANY


support(not here)@(not here)iamgmembers(not here).(not here)org


EMS Energy Insitute, Penn State University

John and Willie Leone Familty Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering

Department of Metereological Sciences at Penn State

Penn State Institute of Energy and the Environment